I should be sleeping

I should be sleeping right now... but I know Sadie will need to eat in 20 minutes or less so I wanted to update the blog on our current life status. Sadie is 2 weeks old and she and Kehnley are getting along great now, at first I was worried how it all would work out, but it's been better than I could have ever imagined. God has certainly shown His faithfulness and favor to our family once again. Kehnley is away today at her and Fancy's 'day of fun" and its given me and Sadie a chance each week to spend time together. She just goes for a little while and I can get some rest and clean house a bit, today was look through cookbooks and update the recipe box and read magazines day :) it's been a stack of mags growing since November and I was dieing to get to look at them all, of course the stack is barely touched, InStyle is backing up for 6 months now... maybe that's why I feel so OUT of style! (that and the lack of ability to fit into all my tops but it's the price we pay for nursing right?! ) Anyway, we have been having a lot of fun trying to workout bath and bed time and it's definitely been a nice refresher course on the late nights and early mornings, thanks to Kehnley it's at 7 15 that I am waking up even after putting down a newborn at 6:30... all in all, it's a sacrifice worth it and I can't imagine a better test to my courage and trust in the Lord, my strength in very tired moments, and my patience with putting myself even further down on the priority list (making a meal for myself mid day takes VERY strategic planning and timed preparation!) i wouldn't be able to even think straight right now if my mom hadn't been helping so much, Bry hadn't gotten a week off of work the first week, and I hadn't taken time for small group each week and walks when the weather is nice. Sometimes I forget just how useful everyone God has put in our lives really are. The body of friends and family who have been feeding us for the past few weeks is a reminder of that as well. i am anxious to cook again but definitely enjoying the break!

As for our new little girl... she is so sweet and Kehnley calls her sweetheart, it makes me smile to hear her say the words, and she is a big sleeper, grunter... bless her heart i think she has hard core reflux. I am cutting out all peanut butter, chocolate, spicy foods...and anything else that sends my radar off to what might be causing her grunts and gags. Today whilst writing an email she projectile vomit/spit up everywhere!! i hadn't ever seen that before, a little alarmed, but she was fine after that, hope it doesn't happen again. I mean I know its gross but it was pouring out of her mouth and nose even, it scared me a little, but my mom reassured me it was normal to happen at least once!

Her personality is really laid back, but she does let out a really loud cry for just a second when she wants total quiet and dark to sleep. i think she is so laid back that she wants a very chill environment for rest... too bad Kehnley is in her "i cannot control the volume of my voice stage" she tries so hard, but I know it's almost impossible to be that quiet all the time, she's an adventurous two 1/2 year old and she needs her space to run and jump (something she is just learning and loves to do all the time) and sing songs and dance and talk in a loud voice apparently lol. When people come over she goes in to hypermode and is bouncing off the walls, the second they leave...she's calmed down again. Someone more advanced in their child rearing years will have to explain that one to me! :)
All in all, having a newborn to hold again has been very eye opening to how fast it goes. i cried thinking of how big Kehnley was compared to Sadie and how it seamed to flash in front of me from those first times to hold her, rock her, to a girl who is so smart and full of energy now! it makes me cherish each day even more.

Sadie Grace, you came into this world on your own time for sure, mommy labored at home for 24 hrs because you were just taking your sweet time and then when you were ready everything happened so quick and easy, reminding me God is in control! Good for you too, getting daddy used to waiting on ANOTHER girl :) You have blue eyes like him and lips like me, but your hands are long like your sisters. You look just like she did and when you curl up next to me reminding me of what an amazing gift it is to be someones mother. I forget sometimes what a gift that is, thank you for the reminder. I don't mind waking to feed you and loosing sleep or missing a meal or wearing your spit up on my shoulder for a little while if it means that I get to be close to you. I know these years won't last for ever and you will be telling me to sit on the bench at the park and let you play by yourself like SOMEONE ELSE I know with beautiful blue eyes... :) You are a sweetheart and we are overjoyed to have you for a little while. God has given us a great gift in you and your sister, we know He must love us so much because He gives us good things like you to teach us and change us. I love you, and I hear you calling. :) gotta run!!

I know she will look so different in just two weeks time at her shower, here she is now at one week old...







Sadie Grace, our saving grace...

She is so incredible, looks so much like her sister, but then again...is so all her own. I can't wait to tell the story of how she changed our lives forever. God's word to us through her this weekend was this:

"How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you." Psalm 31:19