Kitchen Renovation!

I came across this picture of what my kitchen looked like the day we moved in...
This is what it looks like now. What a different a little paint and some hardware can do!
I have other renovations and changes we have made to the house that I will post later, we are about to take on a BIG one! Keep that in your prayers! I feel so blessed to just have a home, when there are so many others living on the streets and in places that are in such bad condition...it makes you grateful for what you have. God is teaching me to remember that everything we have is a gift, it's temporary and really nothing compared to the joy we have in Christ Jesus. I spend so much of my day in this kitchen cooking meals for my family, entertaining my little girl, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning dishes... I pray that God will always be honored here in the little tasks that I do day to day.


Kicking things off...

Well... where do I start?! Lists are fun, lets do that!

1. Went to SA to visit Megan and Ronnie see their new gorgeous house it was a fun and relaxing weekend and it felt like college days again, only better!

2. Came home to a VERY talktative, even more than three days prior, little girl!

3. Belly grew of course, we are NOW in stretchy pants!

4. Decided to start a prayer journal for our girls, we pray for them all the time but felt the calling of the Lord to have some of them recorded for the girls to see one day. It also helps me on those days when patience is low, crying fits are high, and nothing will calm our spirits besides a little break from it all... keeps my heart right and my eyes on the miracle that children really are.

5. Had a picnic brunch for Bry's bday at Dicovery Green's Pet-a-palousa.... what is that you ask? Oh just wait to see the pics! Lilly barked at everything with fur, including a few folks with overly active hair folicles themselves!

6.Went to a little musical where "Grease is the word, is the word." Fav song of the night was Beauty School Drop Out" of course " go back to hiiigh schooooooolll"

7. We went bowling for a joint bday for Bry and I and had a great night chasing a little girl who had downed half a bottle of blue Gatoraid!!!!! PLUS, Ans came in town to spend the weekend with us, so much fun!!

8. Oh yeah and this actually happened first but we took a little road trip, me and the Lyndzer and TRod to see some girls in D town, got a tour of the new Cowboy Stadium because Amy is a Rock Star, and then got a hold of that Holy Spirit with Ans at the Women of Faith Confrence.

9. Bry Surprised me and Kehnely with a trip to Purple Glaze to paint pottery like the old days and have dinner at Ruggles! What a fun bday, he knows what we love!

10.This is really just the start of the Blowey Texas Tour for the Fall Season! Let the Tech games, Camp Outs, Corn in a Cup all day shoping extravaganza, turkey trot, and pie eating contests Begin!! See you on the road!


Happy Birthday Bry

Belated Birthday...

Well, Bry turned 27 this past week on the 10th, I know I am late to posting something but I was way too busy planning 3 days of FUN for him and us to enjoy. Day 1 was cake and candles for he and Kehnley, party hats and chocolate chip pancakes by request. Day 2 a painting from me and Kehnley and the first display on the honor wall followed by a morning to sleep in. Day 3 full of fun at the park, brunch picnic and Pet-a-palooza. It was a fun day and we watched college football all afternoon (Bry's dream come true lol)

I came across these old pics of us... I have some MUCH older but I am saving those for another great occasion! These are awesome because they say without words why I love Bryson so much and when I think of another year with him I get so giddy, just like I did the first time he held my hand! (we were watching "IT" at his house... I was 16.)

You can bust a move and you ALWAYS makes me laugh! I love it when you wear stretchy pants...

You are my outdoor guide to fun and adventure.

You're so romantic and I love your kisses. You show me God's love everyday.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.



I wish I was posting to say that my daughter knows all the words to "Jesus Loves Me" and sings it at the top of her lungs all the time... well I'm NOT!

She does know the words to that and a few other songs, some of which we sing when we are going to bed... one of my favorites to hear her belt out is "I have DE-CIIIDED to fowwow JE-JUS..." lol it makes me hold back the laugh everytime. it's so cute...

Equally cute but NOT so equally proud is the moment I heard these words come out of her mouth.. "OHHH FRAP!"

she was SO frustrated with SOMETHING going on in the other room that one Thursday morning, she just walked out and threw her hands down and belted out those two little words.
Before I could control the laughter, drop the laundry I was folding and run to the den to talk about the way a lady should speak, she belted it out again because her little chair got caught on the couch while she was in route "Ohhh FRAP!" there it was AGAIN!
And said with such twang and conviction it took me a moment to process where in the WORLD she has heard this before... my mom blamed me, I blamed my mom... but the culprit was SOON discovered!!
Surfs Up is one of her favorite movies, she loves the waves, the music, and the documentary style penguin banter...but in the first 10 minutes Lani says "ohhh crap" and throws her hands down to go rescue a butter ball baby penguin who constantly sacrifices himself to the waves....

Needless to say I told her that we don't say those words we say "oh my goodness" Now EVERYTHING tragic, surprising, new or sweet gets these new words to follow... all in one breath : "ohmygudnez"
I'm going to try and get this on film!

Taming the tongue....a lesson I have begun to relearn. :)


Labor Day

18 weeks

Ever since we found out we were having another baby their are two questions that always come up When are you do and What are you having? You know I have speculated and so has everyone else about the gender of the baby. People want to look at your skin, see how puffy you are, have you turn to the side (do you have a belly that sticks out front) can you tell from the back that you are pregnant, does your belly span to the side or mainly front, are you carrying low, are you carrying high, do you crave sugar or red meat, are you sick or not, are you weepy or not, what time of year are you having the baby... ALL THESE QUESTIONS to help people on their quest to answer the MAIN question... is it a boy or a girl? Has anyone else who's been preggers had these and more crazy guessing game questions?
I love it, i think it's so funny and I found myself yet again analizing all these and more to see if we could GUESS what we would be having. (Of course we thought we had a pretty good hit to what we were having!)

Bryson definitly got a lot of speculation with this pregnancy, some think that because we already have a baby girl, we would automaticly have a baby boy. Some think it's some curse to Bry that we would have ANOTHER girl, like he's some backwoods redneck who only wants to have boys to work on the land and pass on his name...
It actually is really surprising that there are people out there who think one might be a curse and the other a blessing... when if you know the Lord you know that any child is a blessing and a gift I love that my husband knows this and has such wisdom and insite to say that everything we have is the Lords, nothing is our own. Our children are not our own.
This scripture keeps coming to mind...
"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit--fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name." John 15:16

Yesterday we had our appointment, Kehnley can't stop talking about the "baby in mamma beddy" and she carries the picture with her everywhere, already a proud sister!

We are probably breaking the news to some of our best friends right now, we found out JUST in time for our Labor Day trip to SA. that we are having a baby Girl! We can now pray for Sadie Grace by name...