Kicking things off...

Well... where do I start?! Lists are fun, lets do that!

1. Went to SA to visit Megan and Ronnie see their new gorgeous house it was a fun and relaxing weekend and it felt like college days again, only better!

2. Came home to a VERY talktative, even more than three days prior, little girl!

3. Belly grew of course, we are NOW in stretchy pants!

4. Decided to start a prayer journal for our girls, we pray for them all the time but felt the calling of the Lord to have some of them recorded for the girls to see one day. It also helps me on those days when patience is low, crying fits are high, and nothing will calm our spirits besides a little break from it all... keeps my heart right and my eyes on the miracle that children really are.

5. Had a picnic brunch for Bry's bday at Dicovery Green's Pet-a-palousa.... what is that you ask? Oh just wait to see the pics! Lilly barked at everything with fur, including a few folks with overly active hair folicles themselves!

6.Went to a little musical where "Grease is the word, is the word." Fav song of the night was Beauty School Drop Out" of course " go back to hiiigh schooooooolll"

7. We went bowling for a joint bday for Bry and I and had a great night chasing a little girl who had downed half a bottle of blue Gatoraid!!!!! PLUS, Ans came in town to spend the weekend with us, so much fun!!

8. Oh yeah and this actually happened first but we took a little road trip, me and the Lyndzer and TRod to see some girls in D town, got a tour of the new Cowboy Stadium because Amy is a Rock Star, and then got a hold of that Holy Spirit with Ans at the Women of Faith Confrence.

9. Bry Surprised me and Kehnely with a trip to Purple Glaze to paint pottery like the old days and have dinner at Ruggles! What a fun bday, he knows what we love!

10.This is really just the start of the Blowey Texas Tour for the Fall Season! Let the Tech games, Camp Outs, Corn in a Cup all day shoping extravaganza, turkey trot, and pie eating contests Begin!! See you on the road!

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