I wish I was posting to say that my daughter knows all the words to "Jesus Loves Me" and sings it at the top of her lungs all the time... well I'm NOT!

She does know the words to that and a few other songs, some of which we sing when we are going to bed... one of my favorites to hear her belt out is "I have DE-CIIIDED to fowwow JE-JUS..." lol it makes me hold back the laugh everytime. it's so cute...

Equally cute but NOT so equally proud is the moment I heard these words come out of her mouth.. "OHHH FRAP!"

she was SO frustrated with SOMETHING going on in the other room that one Thursday morning, she just walked out and threw her hands down and belted out those two little words.
Before I could control the laughter, drop the laundry I was folding and run to the den to talk about the way a lady should speak, she belted it out again because her little chair got caught on the couch while she was in route "Ohhh FRAP!" there it was AGAIN!
And said with such twang and conviction it took me a moment to process where in the WORLD she has heard this before... my mom blamed me, I blamed my mom... but the culprit was SOON discovered!!
Surfs Up is one of her favorite movies, she loves the waves, the music, and the documentary style penguin banter...but in the first 10 minutes Lani says "ohhh crap" and throws her hands down to go rescue a butter ball baby penguin who constantly sacrifices himself to the waves....

Needless to say I told her that we don't say those words we say "oh my goodness" Now EVERYTHING tragic, surprising, new or sweet gets these new words to follow... all in one breath : "ohmygudnez"
I'm going to try and get this on film!

Taming the tongue....a lesson I have begun to relearn. :)

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