Brys an old man

All i can remember about the month of September is one birthday after the next! 
Bry's 30 list... i cant remember them now but I made a list of Bry's 30 fav things and he opened something funny to do with them while we shared dinner with family!  Here are just a few...
top gun, jesus, rap, the girls, churck norris tshirts, camping, bear grills, hunting and fishing, smellnig good, george straight, doing the yard, (or winning yard of the month), journaling and reading the word, coffee, mnt dew. chocolate or anything little debbie makes with chocolate!, family, TECH, red heads...i know  there is more but thats all i got time for right now :)  Here are the highlights! (maybe I need to start posting the photobooks instead of individual pictures. 

lotta ladies that love this guy!

looks like we had a good time
Daddy's favorites...he appreciates a good moustache lol

 Yard House for the big 30th!

I wonder how it must feel to have 3 baby girls at 30... i guess the same as it feels to have 3 baby girls at 31 (thats me) AMAZING and a little shell shocked, and a big time blessed, and really tired, and a little confused, and in awe of God's plans, and full of excitement for the future, and in desperate need for a moment of peace and quiet!

My fav. restaurant with some of my fav. people
Leave it to the girls to get a show on the iphone durring dinner lol
My helper for making birthday wishes ;)
I only had one...and it came true.


Its been a while...I guess maybe... 1 baby, 1 summer, 1 get house ready for baby, 2 big sibling weddings, a 5 yr olds bday, 1 summer trip, 1 billion 5 am sessions, 10+ jogging buddy stroller runs, 6 showers, 3 wedding stationary workings, 100 degrees alternative play times, 8 rented at home movies, 3 friends visiting from outta town, 10 days straight swim practice, 2 old peoples birthdays, 1 bama trip, 4 new teeth on 2 little children, 23 projects/art with kids/recipies tried from pintrest, and a lot of time outs and tears and laughs and snowcones and coconut icecream sammies.  Im back!  (not into my reg jeans, but back to other things)

here are some of my favorites!!