Its been a while...I guess maybe... 1 baby, 1 summer, 1 get house ready for baby, 2 big sibling weddings, a 5 yr olds bday, 1 summer trip, 1 billion 5 am sessions, 10+ jogging buddy stroller runs, 6 showers, 3 wedding stationary workings, 100 degrees alternative play times, 8 rented at home movies, 3 friends visiting from outta town, 10 days straight swim practice, 2 old peoples birthdays, 1 bama trip, 4 new teeth on 2 little children, 23 projects/art with kids/recipies tried from pintrest, and a lot of time outs and tears and laughs and snowcones and coconut icecream sammies.  Im back!  (not into my reg jeans, but back to other things)

here are some of my favorites!!


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