I have a baby in my belly!

Some kids have imaginary friends they talk to and they use to get away with how they are feeling or things they want to do. Like Lola who has a "shadow friend" as Kehnley calls it. (Soren Lorensen) Here is the difference with Kehnley and Lola...she doesn't have a shadow friend she has a "baby in her beddy" (belly) This baby (and she always pats her tummy when she tells me about her) can be hungry, sad, sick, thirsty, hot, have a bo-b0.... happy and all kinds of other emotions. Sometimes she tells me I can squish her baby and I need to be careful of her baby... her baby can even be too tired to take a bath at night :)
She tells me that her baby needs milk and lifts up her shirt to show me where baby's get milk to "make er feel beddor" lol. As long she doesn't do it out in public we're all good there!

Here are my babies from Bluebonnets to Easter and our trip to Bama and just random moments in the past few months...

IMG_0941-2 IMG_0951
IMG_0955 IMG_0956
IMG_0986-2 IMG_0639
IMG_0673 IMG_0750

Kehnley and Sadie started taking baths together the week daddy went on a fishing trip. For Easter she hunted eggs at Fancy's at Church and at Granny's... she got so many eggs with goodies that she is STILL getting prize eggs for going potty lol. We took the girls to get their pics in the bluebonnets...turns out Sadie is really allergic and my camera went dead about 12 shots in...so Fancy has the good group one on her camera I need to get. Kehnley and I had fun taking pics at Gran and Paw Paw's their back porch was a great place for photos like this one


Everyday you girls get more beautiful, smart, fun and make me so proud to be your mom. Kehnley reminds me of what her daddy taught her... she points at her heart and says that Jesus loves whats on the inside, a beautiful heart.
That is my prayer for you girls!
"You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God." 1 Peter 3:4


Raise your pinky if your Fancy...


So this is a phrase I hear often when Kehnley acts like she is calling someone on her "Fancy Nancy" Phone that her very own Fancy got her. (my mom's name is Nancy and Kehnley calls her Fancy) No other name would really have suited my mom as a Grammy, but anyway... I had it all planned out this year we were going to have a birthday party theme of ladybugs I had this supper cute cupcake cake I had planned to make, party favors were totally covered all the works... turns out my soon to be 3 yr old has an"Posh" (that's fancy word for fancy) opinion of her own and she shared it with me this week.
"I want a Fancy Nancy party and cake and all kinds-a-stuff. I want a bike and my friends come and sing happy irthday to ew, happy irthday ken-wee, happy ithday to ew."

What's a mom to do? So now... get ready for bowas and sequins and feathers and "all kids-a-stuff" as my baby girl says.

I know it will be easy to get these girls fancy, but what about the boys? I am thinking COW boys :) That's about as dress up as they get right?

Let the planning begin!


Recipe that shows Mamma knows best:

"Spaghetti " Squash Pie
1 spaghetti squash cooked and cleaned out*
1 can tomato paste
1 cup water
1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
salt/ pepper to taste
oregano/parsley/thyme/Rosemary/basil (dry to your liking)
2 small bay leaves
pinch of brown sugar
2 cloves garlic minced
1/4 c. chopped onion (optional)
1 lb cooked ground beef
2 cups of cheddar or Italian cheeses (whatever you like)

-bring all sauce ingredients to a boil, let cook 15 minutes
-brown meat and add to sauce... let simmer 20 minutes
*get you spaghetti squash cooking (400 for 45 min) clean out seeds add a pad of butter to the centers of each half and cover with foil... when ready scrape out insides with a fork it will look like noodles
-Pam or butter a glass dish and add your first layer:
spaghetti "noodles"
-then the rest in this order:
meat sauce--cheese--noodles--sauce--top with remaining cheese
-bake at 350 for 30 minutes uncovered
Let your family or yourself enjoy a full bowl of carb free pasta :)
*And yes, Bry actually liked it!*

So instead of posting pics (sorry my last blog entry was so sad! lol some ppl told me it brough the tears, I just wanted to have a memory to share with my girls of how much they already tach me...one day I hope they read that and are encouraged!) I decided to work on my long list of photo albums in the making... here is my most recent thanks to shutterfly they come along quickly!

The Little People know it all!

You know how someone can say something that's totally eye opening and makes you look at the world in a whole new way, or changes your mind, or convicts your heart, or makes you smile... and you never forget it?

What about when they are 2 or 2 months old? Does that astound you that a person who has barely even been a person for very long can be so wise and teach you more than you have learned in your 28 years of life?

Kehnley was taking a bath and I was in and out of the bathroom, i know this is probably totally unsafe, i was in the laundry room where i could see her and time to time i'd run to her room or Sadie's room to put clothes away or run a toy in there just to pick up a bit. Anyway, by the time i finished all my cleaning i felt guilty that she had been playing in there alone... what she spoke next made the guilt knife dig deeper.
Kehnley: mom im gonna go to school but don't be sad
me: when are you going to school? what do you mean?
Kehnley : don't be sad mom, one day, I go to school.
be happy mom, be excited for me
me: i will be excited for you when that day comes, but i will miss you
Kehnley : it okay mom just wait for me in the car and i be back
don't be sad, i be back
me: what made you think about going to school
Kehnley (no answer just kept playing with her animals in the tub)

An amazing thing that I was already feeling guilt for missing that moment with my child then all of a sudden, out of the blue, she is talking about one day she will be at school and away from me.... where did she even come up with that?! It really drove home that I DO need to cherish my moments with her because she WILL be off at school all day one day. Oh man, Im not ready to think of that yet. Lesson learned: don't miss opportunity, don't waste a minute!

Optimism: every morning no matter what the weather, Kehnley says "mom...beautiful day today?!" She says it all through the day too... its become her way of saying shes enjoying her day. I love it!

I love how curious she is about everything, a ladybug on her finger is the best thing that happened to her all weekend, she is fascinated with everyday life, laughs all the time and tickle monster and other silly stuff.... she find comfort in routine (how many times I try to shun away from mundane and routine and she thrives on it!)
She meets someone new and its an instant friendship, there are no boundaries to what you will share and do and how they stand so close to each other lol, no prejudice, no competition or guards up... I want to be like that! Shes content in little things, doesn't want all the time.. shes thrilled with a cup of chocolate Cheerios lol... I want a content spirit like that.
Then there is Sadie- starts her day with the biggest smile, melts my heart, makes me wish I could always wake up that happy. She looks so intently at things, doesn't have to say a word and reminds me that God is good to me. She loves to look at ppl more than anything, she cries when she hears a baby cry even if its on tv... what a sensitive heart... it makes me want compassion in my heart too. She nuzzles her face into my chin when she wants to sleep and it makes me feel stronger than I am, more protecting that I am, and I want a person I can do that with (just push my face into their chin and rest...God can be that for me) I think about how much she loves just seeing me, she can be sad and fussy or even hungry or tired and crying but if she can see me she stops! I can totally relate :) there are ppl in my life and times with my heavenly Father where i just need to see them and I am okay. They dont have to do anything or say anything just be in the room or near me and I know it will all be good.

I learn so much all day from these girls... it just amazes me!