Raise your pinky if your Fancy...


So this is a phrase I hear often when Kehnley acts like she is calling someone on her "Fancy Nancy" Phone that her very own Fancy got her. (my mom's name is Nancy and Kehnley calls her Fancy) No other name would really have suited my mom as a Grammy, but anyway... I had it all planned out this year we were going to have a birthday party theme of ladybugs I had this supper cute cupcake cake I had planned to make, party favors were totally covered all the works... turns out my soon to be 3 yr old has an"Posh" (that's fancy word for fancy) opinion of her own and she shared it with me this week.
"I want a Fancy Nancy party and cake and all kinds-a-stuff. I want a bike and my friends come and sing happy irthday to ew, happy irthday ken-wee, happy ithday to ew."

What's a mom to do? So now... get ready for bowas and sequins and feathers and "all kids-a-stuff" as my baby girl says.

I know it will be easy to get these girls fancy, but what about the boys? I am thinking COW boys :) That's about as dress up as they get right?

Let the planning begin!


Suz said...

Not gonna lie... the boys will want the dresses, too. My 4 year old and my brother's 2 year old both LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to play dress up. (The best was the night Owen walked around in my neice's Giselle dress and made us call him Princess Leia all night.) Pretty much every house we go to that has princess dress up, within a minute of getting in the door, Owen's stripping and running for a ballgown. They totally love it.

Jana said...

My sister did a Fancy Nancy birthday party for my niece's 3rd birthday. I can email you some photos...

The boys decorated top hats and we found some sequin neck ties. They had just as much fun! You could probably get a hold of some older boys suit jackets for dress up and men's dress shoes. It would totally be cute!