The Little People know it all!

You know how someone can say something that's totally eye opening and makes you look at the world in a whole new way, or changes your mind, or convicts your heart, or makes you smile... and you never forget it?

What about when they are 2 or 2 months old? Does that astound you that a person who has barely even been a person for very long can be so wise and teach you more than you have learned in your 28 years of life?

Kehnley was taking a bath and I was in and out of the bathroom, i know this is probably totally unsafe, i was in the laundry room where i could see her and time to time i'd run to her room or Sadie's room to put clothes away or run a toy in there just to pick up a bit. Anyway, by the time i finished all my cleaning i felt guilty that she had been playing in there alone... what she spoke next made the guilt knife dig deeper.
Kehnley: mom im gonna go to school but don't be sad
me: when are you going to school? what do you mean?
Kehnley : don't be sad mom, one day, I go to school.
be happy mom, be excited for me
me: i will be excited for you when that day comes, but i will miss you
Kehnley : it okay mom just wait for me in the car and i be back
don't be sad, i be back
me: what made you think about going to school
Kehnley (no answer just kept playing with her animals in the tub)

An amazing thing that I was already feeling guilt for missing that moment with my child then all of a sudden, out of the blue, she is talking about one day she will be at school and away from me.... where did she even come up with that?! It really drove home that I DO need to cherish my moments with her because she WILL be off at school all day one day. Oh man, Im not ready to think of that yet. Lesson learned: don't miss opportunity, don't waste a minute!

Optimism: every morning no matter what the weather, Kehnley says "mom...beautiful day today?!" She says it all through the day too... its become her way of saying shes enjoying her day. I love it!

I love how curious she is about everything, a ladybug on her finger is the best thing that happened to her all weekend, she is fascinated with everyday life, laughs all the time and tickle monster and other silly stuff.... she find comfort in routine (how many times I try to shun away from mundane and routine and she thrives on it!)
She meets someone new and its an instant friendship, there are no boundaries to what you will share and do and how they stand so close to each other lol, no prejudice, no competition or guards up... I want to be like that! Shes content in little things, doesn't want all the time.. shes thrilled with a cup of chocolate Cheerios lol... I want a content spirit like that.
Then there is Sadie- starts her day with the biggest smile, melts my heart, makes me wish I could always wake up that happy. She looks so intently at things, doesn't have to say a word and reminds me that God is good to me. She loves to look at ppl more than anything, she cries when she hears a baby cry even if its on tv... what a sensitive heart... it makes me want compassion in my heart too. She nuzzles her face into my chin when she wants to sleep and it makes me feel stronger than I am, more protecting that I am, and I want a person I can do that with (just push my face into their chin and rest...God can be that for me) I think about how much she loves just seeing me, she can be sad and fussy or even hungry or tired and crying but if she can see me she stops! I can totally relate :) there are ppl in my life and times with my heavenly Father where i just need to see them and I am okay. They dont have to do anything or say anything just be in the room or near me and I know it will all be good.

I learn so much all day from these girls... it just amazes me!


Jennifer said...

A cup full of chocolate Cheerios makes me pretty happy too! I'm so glad you share those moments with the girls. <3

Meg said...

glad we got the chance to catch up!