I have a baby in my belly!

Some kids have imaginary friends they talk to and they use to get away with how they are feeling or things they want to do. Like Lola who has a "shadow friend" as Kehnley calls it. (Soren Lorensen) Here is the difference with Kehnley and Lola...she doesn't have a shadow friend she has a "baby in her beddy" (belly) This baby (and she always pats her tummy when she tells me about her) can be hungry, sad, sick, thirsty, hot, have a bo-b0.... happy and all kinds of other emotions. Sometimes she tells me I can squish her baby and I need to be careful of her baby... her baby can even be too tired to take a bath at night :)
She tells me that her baby needs milk and lifts up her shirt to show me where baby's get milk to "make er feel beddor" lol. As long she doesn't do it out in public we're all good there!

Here are my babies from Bluebonnets to Easter and our trip to Bama and just random moments in the past few months...

IMG_0941-2 IMG_0951
IMG_0955 IMG_0956
IMG_0986-2 IMG_0639
IMG_0673 IMG_0750

Kehnley and Sadie started taking baths together the week daddy went on a fishing trip. For Easter she hunted eggs at Fancy's at Church and at Granny's... she got so many eggs with goodies that she is STILL getting prize eggs for going potty lol. We took the girls to get their pics in the bluebonnets...turns out Sadie is really allergic and my camera went dead about 12 shots in...so Fancy has the good group one on her camera I need to get. Kehnley and I had fun taking pics at Gran and Paw Paw's their back porch was a great place for photos like this one


Everyday you girls get more beautiful, smart, fun and make me so proud to be your mom. Kehnley reminds me of what her daddy taught her... she points at her heart and says that Jesus loves whats on the inside, a beautiful heart.
That is my prayer for you girls!
"You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God." 1 Peter 3:4


Amy said...

Just precious...i miss all of you!

kristine said...

your girls are so adorable! Your family is precious. Take care!!