My Smiley girl


Sadie you are 5 months, actually almost 6 and you are growing so fast and becoming so mobile I am sure I will have less and less time to remember all the fun little details about you right now!
Like your favorite sound we make is like a car bumping down the road or an airplane flying. You also love anything that squeaks at you, we lost your FAVORITE duck at the grocery store one day on a long trip...I looked everywhere and Kehnley did too but we just had to leave without it (Kehnley said that maybe another kid would be happy to get it)

You love to be snuggled, I hope that never changes.
You love to sit in your highchair and chew on ice!
You love your karaoke machine and to pull yourself up on it like you are big enough to stand up! Silly girl!
You love to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh
You love your sissy's toys, and shes getting better at sharing one thing at a time :)
You love your swing daddy put up outside
You love to sleep in your bed, but love it even more when mommy holds your hand or daddy pats your back
Your favorite toy is the snail that crawls and has a rolling stacker on its back
Your favorite food is carrots! And apples too!
You love to smile at everything
You love to wear headbands and bows, you never even take them off!
You love to bounce and dance with daddy, Kehnley and me! I like your moves :)
You LOVE you passy... its your fav thing, you smile when you see it, grab it, pop it in, take it from mommy, suck on it all the time, chew on the back of it, you'll even steal other baby's if it looks like yours!
Some of your tricks are: at the first of the month you started sitting up, and being able to stay there!
this week you started crawling! At first it was a rock, then a rock and crawl one leg then drag on your belly, a bit of the worm lol. But now its a full crawl, lucky for me, you're not too fast yet, but you DO body surf over the play mat with sides that used to keep you contained.
Looks like we're gonna have to break out the pack and play
You dont watch much tv but your favorite show is Sesame Street...thanks to sister! :)


Sadie you are so precious! We love you so much...



New Face!

I am in desperate need of a new banner but it wont happen til Kristin takes our fam pics in a few months, cant wait... in the mean time enjoy this little video, this is for you daddy! We taped this the day after "daddy day" and saved it for the perfect time.

As I think of how you will be gone for ten whole days to Venezuela in just a few weeks, I am trying to not freak out and just pray for your impact there in the name of our Lord and also your safe return! You ARE an amazing man, when you start to feel the weight of the world and the stresses of your life away from home watch this and know how lucky we are to have you. K is right on!
I love you so much, more than I can even show...


Update on Sadie...

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement, Sadie woke up at 3 am with a tight chest and breathing problems, she started getting frantic, as did I, she was not responding and so we took her to the ER, she is doing better now and after breathing treatments and a steroid treatment and seeing her doc what started as bronchial spasms and possible pre-asthmatic symptoms became a viral infection that got into her lungs. Besides a sore throat and a lack of sleep she is doing MUCH better. We are at home resting, trying to anyway, and thankful for my brother Justin who came to be with us and for Bry's rents who took care of Kehnley all day. This is def. a day I will never forget!

It puts life into perspective when you almost loose one...

I have never seen a dad drive that fast or myself pray so hard in my life. This was the verse that I read at midnight just 3 hrs before all this went down... I had know idea what it would mean to me today.

Psalm 8
"O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth, Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens ! From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength... When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained ; What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him? Yet You have made him a little lower than God, And You crown him with glory and majesty ! You make him to rule over the works of Your hands ; You have put all things under his feet, ... O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth !"

You have given us these little people to look after, yet we know VERY well, that we are just overseers of what is already yours. We have no control that you don't give us, we have no way to save...only you can. As I held her body laying next to her in that hospital bed I thought of how fragile life is and all i could think was why didn't I hold her last night a little longer, I looked into Brysons red eyes and know he was thinking the same. I thought back to my frantic panic of what to do those seemingly long minutes before we drove to the hospital begging God to answer our questions, keep her with us, and help her breath. There have been a lot of scares with our girls lately: Kehnley passing out from a heat stroke at the park, getting an allergic reaction at the store and almost being unable to breath herself, and now this. I am fully aware that each day we have with them is a gift. And I am honored to think that God has given us one more, for whatever reason, He has favor on us. Humbled by David's words in the psalm when he says "and the son of man that you care for him? YET you make him a little lower than God and you crown HIM with glory and majesty" God does care for us. I learned that today. God cares for me, for my family, for my children and it's not that I deserve it... it's because He is majestic and awesome. Another translation says "O Lord, O Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens. You have taught children and infants to give you praise." She has taught me to give Him praise.... thank you Sadie, I knew the day you were born that you would teach me things about God I never knew.

Enjoy your loved ones today and if you don't think God cares for you...ask Him to show you, and He will! "For God so LOVED the world, He gave HIS only son, that everyone who believes might not perish but have eternal life {with Him.}" John 3:16




My Sweet Sister-friend

I am pretty sure she started calling ME that first but this is a tribute to my sweet sister friend. She is a best friend and one of my roommates from college and really to me a sister, i never had a sister of my own and she is one to me! She and I have fought like sisters, cried together like sisters, encouraged each other like sisters, laughed and traveled and listened late at night... but mostly we have shared moments together as sisters in the Christ.

She is soon to be a mom of her own and today is HER birthday. She is going to be an amazing mom for SO many reasons I can barely type them all but I will post the top 30... just a random number, no reason for it at all :)
1. she is loving
2. she is tenderhearted to those with special needs
3. she is wise and can share her life lessons
4. she is funny and laughs all the time
5. she is a prayer warrior and will blanket her home in it!
6. she is sentimental and thoughtful, the girl never forgets a date
7. she writes the best cards and letters and mails them in the REAL mail box :)
8. she loves to snuggle...lol and the best running buddy you could ask for
9. she has a fascination to see new things and go new places, she will explore the world with you
10. she is SO trusting, gullible others have said, but its the most amazing quality because she never meets a person she doesn't like
11. she is playful and will have amazing made up days full of imaginary friends
12. she can SHOP! let me tell you, you will never have a need for anything
13. she knows the Lord and will share His word
14. she loves to sing, in the car, in the house, on voice mails, she will fill your ears with musical hits from all decades lol
15. she loves movies and getting a blanket and popcorn ( that goes everywhere) and watching them in the rain
16. she gives the best hugs
17. she knows just the right things to say to cure a hard day
18. she is the most encouraging person i know always lifting you up before herself
19. she is brave and will do things you never thought she would do for such a small thing!
20. shes accommodating and always a great host
21. she will help you have PERFECT speech :)
22. she will aways have candy close near by
23.she'll play with your hair!
24.she can talk on the phone for hours
25.she can take you to any coffee shop in a 20 mil. radius!
26.she wont hesitate to show you how much she loves you and tell you too
27.she will make you an amazing s'more or teach you how to Rollerblade like a champ
28.she can light up your day with her smile
29.she is a wonderful friend and will always support you no matter what crazy things you do or say or think up...she's got your back
30. she will make you a better person just by knowing her!

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