My Sweet Sister-friend

I am pretty sure she started calling ME that first but this is a tribute to my sweet sister friend. She is a best friend and one of my roommates from college and really to me a sister, i never had a sister of my own and she is one to me! She and I have fought like sisters, cried together like sisters, encouraged each other like sisters, laughed and traveled and listened late at night... but mostly we have shared moments together as sisters in the Christ.

She is soon to be a mom of her own and today is HER birthday. She is going to be an amazing mom for SO many reasons I can barely type them all but I will post the top 30... just a random number, no reason for it at all :)
1. she is loving
2. she is tenderhearted to those with special needs
3. she is wise and can share her life lessons
4. she is funny and laughs all the time
5. she is a prayer warrior and will blanket her home in it!
6. she is sentimental and thoughtful, the girl never forgets a date
7. she writes the best cards and letters and mails them in the REAL mail box :)
8. she loves to snuggle...lol and the best running buddy you could ask for
9. she has a fascination to see new things and go new places, she will explore the world with you
10. she is SO trusting, gullible others have said, but its the most amazing quality because she never meets a person she doesn't like
11. she is playful and will have amazing made up days full of imaginary friends
12. she can SHOP! let me tell you, you will never have a need for anything
13. she knows the Lord and will share His word
14. she loves to sing, in the car, in the house, on voice mails, she will fill your ears with musical hits from all decades lol
15. she loves movies and getting a blanket and popcorn ( that goes everywhere) and watching them in the rain
16. she gives the best hugs
17. she knows just the right things to say to cure a hard day
18. she is the most encouraging person i know always lifting you up before herself
19. she is brave and will do things you never thought she would do for such a small thing!
20. shes accommodating and always a great host
21. she will help you have PERFECT speech :)
22. she will aways have candy close near by
23.she'll play with your hair!
24.she can talk on the phone for hours
25.she can take you to any coffee shop in a 20 mil. radius!
26.she wont hesitate to show you how much she loves you and tell you too
27.she will make you an amazing s'more or teach you how to Rollerblade like a champ
28.she can light up your day with her smile
29.she is a wonderful friend and will always support you no matter what crazy things you do or say or think up...she's got your back
30. she will make you a better person just by knowing her!

ans bach wed dress house
d trip
ans and kiki-2


Amy said...

what a sweet note about Ansley! She is all those things and more - what a special birthday for her this year as she becomes a mom for the first time! I love me some Ans!

Lyndz said...

So cute! AND I love these pics!! The one of all of us in your old house with Lilly and Coco and the wedding dress...ugghhh makes me miss college life and all of us being in the same small town!! p.s. post her shower pics soon!

Happy Birthday Answee!!!

The Blowey Bunch said...

ah yes shower pics i knew i was missing something! ill get on it :) i miss those days too!