I know a girl...

I know a little girl who knows her self so well, she's tall and smart and funny
strawberry soap is her favorite smell
Every morning brings new adventures to explore
she greets me with a smile and kiss
always keeps me wanting more
I know a little girl who catches bubbles and butterflies
she jumps and runs and plays and has the most beautiful blue eyes
She tells me I'm a miracle... God's wonderful beautiful child
these are things I tell her often, to hear them back is wild
I know a little girl shes helpful that's for sure
she helps me cook, clean and sweep; she helps me at the store
She loves to paint and draw and write, she's talented this is true
she always asks me with a grin "can I paint with you?"
When it's time to tuck her in she hugs my neck so tight
it's hard sometimes to leave her with just one kiss good-night
Eskimo, butterfly, princess, frog, bee, and Lilly just to name a few
these are all the different types of kisses she'll try to give to you
I know a little girl whose favorite phrase to say
Is "don't you think it's a beautiful day today?"
Who could ever be down or blue with such a joyful spirit
it brings a smile to any one's face whose lucky enough to hear it!
I know a little girl who treads upon my heart each day
leaving little things
finger prints sandy shoes and colored lip gloss on strings
Three years ago I couldn't have guessed how rich my life would be
with you little one in my arms, so glad God gave you to me.

Happy Birthday sweet Kehnley. Your name is special for many reasons but one is that it means enthusiastic for life and fiery: I have to say even in just these few years you are the embodiment of your name. It's amazing to see your personality grow but especially your enthusiasm for life and learning and just how excited you can be about everyday things. It makes me so proud to be with you all day enjoying life with you. I can't imagine a more fiery little girl, your passionate about so many things and I love that about you! You can certainly use your powers for good OR evil... but mostly you use them for good and when you talk about the things you love and your eyes light up it makes me smile. And when you pray for people and talk about God it brings joy to my heart. And when you dance and give me thumbs up I want to squeal with delight because its like nothing I have ever dreamed of, how fun it is be to be your mom... When you laugh and talk to Sadie and try to make her smile, it's the best version of what I had hoped your relationship would be. I say all this so one day you'll know, in case you don't already, that I've always loved you to pieces, and one of my greatest blessings is to get to show you that each day.

first bday

2nd bday

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