Question Game!

A neighbor of mine posted these questions on her blog and I thought it would be fun to keep it rollin... here are my answers... and i added a few of my own...

1. Are you watching The Bachelorette? Is it totally awkward for you too?
I am an avid follower of the bach, and i keep up with hilarious after thoughts on ihategreenbeans.com... she cracks me up.. and also because inevitably a sisters, neighbors, aunts, hairdresser always knows someone on the show... makes it feel personal, this time my BF was hooked up on of these mrs a few summers ago.... ANYWHO... so yes, her laugh is un-nerving and the weather man alone makes me love reality TV!
2. How often do you sweep/mop your floors?
every week, wood floors are tough to keep clean, I HATE it though! really.. i do... taking up all the rugs, I mean, once i do it i feel like "that wasn't so bad" but I always dread it the next week! I clean under Kehnley's table every meal though...
3. Do you hate it when you can't walk barefoot on said floors because you obviously haven't swept often enough?
i am barefoot always not a big fan of socks!
4. Do you have a cleaning schedule? If so, what is it? If not, how do you keep from your house being trashed 24/7, or do you care?
I clean once a week, my amazing husband leads this chore and I love him for it... there are much more fun things in life to do than clean! (deep clean that is) i straighten toys every night and clean the dishes every day
5. How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?
one-two days of laundry equals 5 loads! we wear a lot of clothes I guess!
6. What is your all time favorite meal to cook?
i love to experiment all the time, but maybe lately it's grilling kabobs and corn and I love to make pies!
7. Are you reading any books right now? If so, what are they?
I have magazines stacked to my ears.. so i am catching up on those, Shepherding a Child's Heart, Dug deep by Joshua Harris, and Instyle, Southern living, Parenting, and Fitness :)
8. How do you and your husband share the chores? Are there specific things that you each do, or is it more of a team effort?
He dusts, mows, I pull weeds, we share everything else, except i pretty much do laundry and really we just work as a team...like i said... I need a coach lol
9. What are you most excited about this summer?
being able to play outside with the girls and all our fun trips we have/are going on
10. What's your favorite Sonic drink?
a large water! its 15 cents and i love the ice!
11. Why do you/don't you blog?
I blog for fun, for family and friends who live away and to capture life's moments bc i know I will forget them. there are so many stories i mean to blog about but life is too fast for me to sit down and record them all! What i don't get into a blog i try to journal at home
12. Do you grow your own herbs? How would one go about getting started if they wanted to?
yes, i do! i love it! Rosemary, sage,oregano, basil, thyme, parsley and mint.... i want to get some chives though. buy your herbs at walmart right now they are really well priced or Lowe's, but the walmart ones are more established right now and just get a big container that has well drained soil and plant those babies in a partial sunny place, mines right by my back door so i can get to them easily!
13. What's your best money saving tip?
wish i had one...dont spend any lol. no really... look at the luxuries in your life, I think we all have some luxuries we could list from least to most fav or important to us, and see where you can cut. i redid my cell bill and our cable and saved some money there, i only shop for what we need at the store and really try to depend on the Lord daily, we get so used to access in our lives and I was convicted to try and live more simply!
14. What is the most treasured toy in your house right now?
pet shop lol or her doll house. she loves petshop though and she talks to the animals, ref. the video they have parties and its so funny to see her play with them. for Sadie its the crab teether, its a foam bath toy but its the fav. thing she loves to munch on!

15. If you had to rent a movie tonight (newish release), what would it be?
we just watched valentines day but I want to actually GO to the movies and see babies, iron man 2 and robin hood... rentals... maybe that Steve movie with Sandra bullock...

here are my extras:
1. What is your fav. book of all time?
2. What magazines do YOU get in the mail?
3. What do you do about a 3 yr old who wants to have their door cracked more at night ie.getting no rest bc they wake up when the baby cries for feeding and daddy leaves for work? I need help with this one parents!!
4.Best summer vaca spot you've ever been to...
5.What theme party do you remember most from your childhood? I in the middle of planning a party for Kehnley and it's pretty funny to think back on my own!

cant leave a blog with no pics... here are the girls! and one from the Frio!

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posh spice and sporty spice lol



The Barfuss Family said...

Loved your answers! Thanks for playing along. We are so talking growing herbs next time!

Michele said...

I LOVE the Blowey Bunch picture! And I LOVE the Blowey Bunch!!