Sadie's 2 and 3 and coming on 4!



Sadie Grade, your three months and it's hard to believe that you are already 100 days old! :) You are such a joy, and I know that all moms probably say this but really you are one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! The only time you get sad is when your teeth hurt and yes, you are already trying to get teeth! It's wild how fast you are growing you weigh over 12 lbs and you are in your 3 month clothes but like sissy you are WAY too long for your onsie footies lol your like in a body suit wedgie in those things! Mommy is just going to have to put you in bigger ones because they make you look like a little baby doll and not as big as you are...


Putting your hands together, its your new trick and you are getting REALLY good at it!
Chewing on anything, your hand, teether, blanket, passie, shirt, my fingers
Story time with daddy, and who can blame you, he tells great stories!
Picking up stuff with your toes, you have this amazing strength in your feet you can grab anything with them and lift it up, discovered on a walk when you picked up a rattle with them haha! it was so funny, me and Kehnley laughed forever about that!

You even were able to kick the Karaoke machine you and Sissy love playing with and get it going, those toes have some power!

You love to talk to me when you should be eating, you love to talk period! You talk all the time! Not any real words yet of course but you know what your saying don't you?

You love you smile and I mean LOVE it! You smile and laugh all the time, its kind of our mission in life, everyone at home, to get you to laugh as much as possible!

You LOVE your passie, did I say that already? I think you have 6 in your diaper bag at all times!

You like it still, not quiet because that would be impossible in our house and with our lives, but you like to be still. I can just hold you for ever and not move a bit and you are totally content.

If we want to hear you squeal with delight we will let you stand up, I have a feeling that even at 3 months you will be just like Kiki and walking in no time at all!

You eat SUPER fast, like the fastest eater second to daddy that I have ever seen
You look great in pink and yellow (a color mommy can't pull off) must be the Fancy in you
You love to snuggle your head under my chin, it's pure bliss for me

Today you laughed so hard you started to choke because Kehnley was popping bubbles in front of you...

Thank you for letting mommy get 5 hrs of consecutive sleep some nights, its a luxury I wasn't expecting. You are amazing!
IMG_1110 copy

God has taught me to slow down, relish the moments, take everyday for what it is and truly rely on Him for the next 24 hrs. All we need is in Him and I pray for you to know the source of joy that is welling up in your heart and I know you will spill that out on all who meet you. Since the day you were born your heart has been so soft! Every time you hear a cry, which sister has done more since you came along :) your face get low and your lip hangs and those tears start to flow... I know you will probably have mommy's ability to cry at the most sappy sentimental moment but you can laugh just as easily, and we love BOTH about you! You are such a precious jewel to us. We love you!


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