All in a day

I dont typically do a play by play of my day... but I feel for personal therapy I need to write this down so that one day when the kids are grown and gone I might look back and be okay with the empty nest....

6:50 pitter patter
sweety you need to get in mommys bed its too early to be up, we need our rest
7 15 kehnley stop talking to frenchy and close your eyes your gonna be so tired and wont be able to play today if you dont get some sleep
7 30 Sadies crying
its okay sweety, passie in the mouth
back to my bed
mommy will you make me a smoothie
7 40 banana, ice, orange juice, strawberry yogurt, strawberries, soy milk
i have t go get sadie up before I turn in on baby girl, let me go do that
good morning sunshine time to stretch your arms and legs, lets get some breakfast!
change diaper, sings songs rise and shine and give God the glory glory rise and shine and give God the glory...clap your hands "ditto", stomp your feet "ditto", feed sadie
turn on curious george
start the blender
drink a smoothie
8 50 put sadie in her swing and make myself some toast with almond butter bc the baby cant have peanuts and i LOVE peanut butter!! but almond butter is actually good, I let go of the dream of eating peanut butter, hide the jar i just bought for brys lunches and try and forget its in the pantry
i need to workout!
9 30 turn on jillian and kick it
(little do I know I will crave chocolate which i dont even really like by the end of the night and totally give in!) luckily im working out now!
10 00 watch up with kehnley, play with cars and then Fancy comes over
11 00 im tired mommy i need a nap
Kehnley you need to eat lunch first, Fancy comes over to see the girls, makes Kehnley her lunch, i feed sadie, we finish up and then its time for a nap
night night Kehnley, i lay down for a sec beside her, Fancy comes and relieves me
12 00 girls asleep, Fancy put sadie down and is laying with kehnley, I run to the store
1 00 back home, unload a few bags and visit with mom for a bit
2 00 nurse sadie, thinking i might get a little sleep since Kehnley is still asleep, i close my eyes and... FAAANNNCCCCYYYYY where is Fancy? sweety she went home to take care of things at her house, mommy is here, it's okay
2 30 kehnley is up, sadie is up... 30 min was a tease of a nap
300 time to clean out saide's drawers i empty all the old clothes that are so small i am amazed she fit into them weeks ago kehnley wants to wear her fancy nancy dress with the butterfly wings, she gets upset that the wings arent standing up straight enough, i take then off, she wants them back on, then gets upset again, i take then back off, the baby is sleeping again in her crib by now, kehnley wants to read a book to dragon, of course in the room where sadie is sleeping and i am quietly going through her drawers, she whispers "peter rabbit ran through the gate, got some carrots..." I finish the task, kehnley is now helping me sort sleep shirts into too small or too hot, i cant find a container to put the too small clothes in! climb the ladder, mom be careful dont hurt u self, ill come up, sweety you cant come up into the attic, its hot and yuck up here and youll get hurt, step off the step please, i look and look for a container, baby is crying
4 00 start cooking for dinner and make a few more pizzas to freeze for later, kehnley is pouring the sauce in her fancy dress Sadie is laying on her play mat in the kitchen and loving the cow right now lilly wants more water
5 00 the kichen looks like an italian mama has just walked in and got into a fight with the tomato sauce, im wearing half of it, still in my workout clothes
5 30 i need to address some envelopes for bry, go to kehnley's room, mom play with my house with me, sadies on a boppy next to kehnley and we play house for a few minutes, mom needs to write on these really fast for daddy, i start addressing, mom your in my spot i need to be standing at my kitchen, kehnley you just told me to move over here that you needed to be at your house, so i moved over here, mom i need to be at my kitchen i have to cook my smoothie, i move over, sadie is putting her hands together, her new trick so cute, i stop writing and marvel at her for a bit, holding hands making dolphin noises and kehnley makes us an air smoothie we drink up- all of us
half the addresses are done, on my goodness I just realized what time it is, baths girls, lets go
oh i need to get the food in the oven! run to the kitchen leave the girls in Kehnley's room and get all the enchiladas stuffed and sauced and in the oven, dont worry about the kitchen you can clean it later, dont look at the den either youll pick up those toys after the girls go to bed
girls are fussing, Kehnley is calling my name, sadie is sleepy but i have to get her in the tub i get the water started, get kehnley undressed, no momma i have a poopy, i lay both girls on the floor on a changing mat together and take off saides clothes for the bath and change kehnleys pants and THEN its to the bath
kehnley in first
sadie in her seet next
i bathe kehnley i bathe sadie
sadie gets out and in a towel we read stories while kehnley plays
daddy's home! he sweety how are you? want me to take sadie, he gives me a kiss
I need to check on supper
he takes sadie, sits with Kehnley
sadies SO sleepy but its not time for her to go to bed yet i need to feed her
it's only 650
7 00 get kehnley dressed for bed
making kehnley's plate, she is eating salad now I am so happy! make sure none of the food touches and get some fruit with a little whip for after dinner ready so she wont ask for a Popsicle again
7 30 i nurse sadie, bry makes his plate sadie cant keep eating bc shes too busy smiling at me, so sweet
7 45 i get to make my plate to eat and then its time for me to pick up kehnleys plate and clean the kitchen, sadies going to sleep her teeth hurt, we try everything- orajel to the rescue, she's finally able to calm down
8 00 sitting on the couch watching wubbzy one more episode with Kehnley and daddy
8 15 off to bed little girl we run to her room and i "fly" her into bed, night night, kiss kiss
Bry puts her to sleep with a book and I crack the door
sadies crying, passie back in the mouth, pat on the back, gotta go brush my teeth
8 20 out the door to run some food by a friends house, seriously dont look at the kitchen you can clean it when you get home, listen to something in the car that puts some comfort in my heart, thank you seeds of praise, i needed that!
9 00 back home brys asleep in kehnleys room, pat pat, he wakes up, walks squinting into the light of the living room, starts bible study
i clean the kitchen finally but resolve to do dishes tomorrow it will wake the girls
9 30 sitting on the couch try to think what i have done all week that i havent once sat down and watched a movie or something in forever, read a magazine, a book... nothing
bry watches a movie with me
11 00 shower, this is awesome... i love hot water! i feel sad that i havent prayed for Brys work day in a few days, i pray for so many things... into the pjz
11 30 go feed sadie before i need to go to sleep, pray some more
12 15 back to bed
3 30 sadies stirring,feed sadie again, fall asleep in the rocker
4 45 back to bed getting so happy thinking that i will get to wake up next to Bry at 8 and will have actually gotten a pretty good amount of consecutive sleep, my neck is hurting so bad, wonder what thats about then all of a sudden it seams
6 15 aaa-cho, hey mom
Kehnley baby it's way to early to be up, we need to go back to bed
hop in bed, oh wait, your bottoms are wet, change clothes, hop in bed, momma sleep with me, kehnley mommy misses her bed she REALLY wants to be in her bed, here mom, heres some covers for you, okay close your eyes, there you go
7 15 babies crying, passie in the mouth
me: I think I need to write down what has just happened in the past 24 hrs for my own sanity
7 53 babies awake, its okay sadie mommys coming

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Jennifer-Colley said...

wow! I can totally identify every second of that, however you seem so calm, I would prb have started crying or been super mean to Coby once he got home!! you go girl!