Texting with God

have you ever felt so removed from intimate conversation with the Lord in your daily life that it feels more like your texting with God...

Doing bible study, teaching bible lessons to your children, sharing Christs work with friends, convictions with accountability partners.  Praying daily for your family members and friends by name, reading God's word.  BUT still staying at a distance that you don't even realize is further from the arms of Christ day by day, like old friends drifting further and further apart because they are in a different place in their lives... I need a fire in my soul. I think I see a spark.  I didnt even know the fire had dwindled til just now.

I've been living all my titles so well that I forgot the one that means the most...
"my beloved child" 1 Corinthians 4:14

One thing I love most about being a mother, is that I see now the deep love God has for His children... the love I have for them doesn't dare come close to the Lord's deep love for me...for you.