Something that came to me this week that I can not shake is the Revelation of serving my family, tending to these little ones and taking care of my home, doing mundane or prosaic tasks that I fulfill everyday has great purpose in me becoming like Christ.  He gave with no expectation, He loved without promise of return, He served relentlessly.... I want to be like Him, and if this is as close as I get to that right now in my life, I will be satisfied!

"just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
Matthew 20:28


How to Tuesdays... Make a Tutu

Ever Wonder how to make your own Tutu?  Well, thanks to my sister Nicole and some searching I am on my way to making Sadie and Kehnley their very own Wreck Em Tech skirts for the game in Lubbock next month!

Stay tuned for more "How to Tuesdays" on my blog bc I am feeling creative these days... maybe it's because of my lack of sleep... Dear Red Bull, I miss you, hope to sip you soon! Forever tiredly yours, Keri

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C is for Corndogs, Cat angels and CANTON!

Annual Canton trip was underway this year with many unexpected and some new friends to join the bunch!  My mother-in-love is the coordinator for canton I swear one year I will be putting pics of her face on shirts and we will say "have you seen our Canton Queen Bee?" lol  because its inevitable even if you aren't meaning too, you will loose the people you are with and see others you never thought you would whilst roaming the grounds at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX.  I am in LOVE with the many hilarious texts I kept getting from Megan on my Saturday morning drive up there. We decided to forgo our individual canton rooms for Friday night and make the trek on Sat morning, not sure how I feel about that as far as for next year, but one thing is for sure, I will be baby free next year.  Sadie was a trouper and she learned how to sleep in her stroller and in my arms and in a pack and play, but an 8 month old in Canton is a little tough.  Lyndz said at one point "i cat believe you do with with a baby!" lol.  After standing in line for a sandwich some fruit and a drink for 30 min in the sweltering "wasn't it supposed to be cool" heat, hearing a 3 yr old whimper and whine for his mom to "hold me mama, hold me, hold me mama" and then her to pick him up and him still whimper and whine... it was a real realization that maybe kids should be banned from canton?  I definitely know that Kehnley would want to die if she came, and shed be crusen in one of the canton wagons fashioned with sleeping bags and pillows like the kids were having a pj party!  We founds some cool new artwork and met the artist it was my Christmas stock up, many pieces of furniture for the girls, a lot of cute clothes that would hurt my bank account to mention.  Some amazing wreaths... I bought supplies to make my own this year, pics of that coming to a Christmas album near you!  and enough frickles, sun-dried tomato and spinach pizza, and kettle corn to last me til next years trip!  Lyndz and her mom came, so did Amy and her mom and Landry's mom, Megan her mom and her friend Shelby and her mom, Cole and Donna, Lauren and Becky... it was CERTAINLY a mother and daughter affair... even Ansley and Kairi showed up for dinner at the Jalapeno Tree (the place we eat every year on Sat night..they have the BEST Tortilla Soup!) 

Some things are just too predictable for canton and too canton-licious to forget!!
1. I got so sick on Saturday so bad that it was hard to sleep that night and I just wanted to lay on the floor and cry
2. Me and mom spent half the day Sunday looking for a parking spot or trying to get to our car with all our new buys falling off our canton cart.
3. Bought enough soup mixes to keep my kitchen cooking time down to bare minimum over the next few months or more!
4.Came home wondering what in the world I actually bought because although I was thoughtful about it at the time when Bry asked me I just couldn't pin point anything but the soups!
5. Filled up my garage with all the things that canton had to offer this year and know I wont get it all put away for another few weeks.
6. Already thinking of what I might be looking for next year....can't wait!  See you in Canton 10/03/11!


34 weeks


That's how long you have been with me and it feels like its rushing by so fast! 
You can:
sit up
roll over
crawl so fast
stand up
walk from close object to another close object
chew on a biscuit
eat baby food
drink from a bottle
hold a bottle with your feet
make anyone smile
laugh very loudly
squeal like your sister
talk to lilly
babble in your bed
roll a ball
feel my face when you wake up in the morning
hear daddy's voice and want to see him
cry in the middle of the night
put your passy in your mouth by yourself
steel another baby's passy
splash in the tub
hold something with two hands over your head in delight
push a chair around the room

You will:
walk so soon
talk sweetly just like your sister
clap your hands
stand by yourself
feed yourself
close the door in my face
laugh at something you've done on your own
always be my little girl
sleep all night (i hope)
move to a big girl bed one day and I will probably cry
hold hands with your sister and walk together
run and run and run
hug your daddy's neck by yourself
give kisses on purpose
say a prayer
never fully know just how loved you are

You do:
growl a little bit when your excited
wake up a little too often at night still
make us so happy
get food all over the place when you eat
LOVE to eat at your chair
drive Kehnley a little crazy by climbing at her table
and eating her toys
and pulling her hair
always smile and in your own way say "im a baby I didnt know!"
love to feel stuff with your pointer finger it cracks us up
play on the computer til mommy says "oh no!"
love to hear me sing to you and make your hands clap
teach me so much about myself its scary
love to be outside
have a compassionate heart already
amaze us!
crawl away a LOT and I have to stop in a split second and find you again... sounds like I'm not an attentive mom or not paying attention its not true.. you just get curious and gone SO fast!
You must:
slow down and let me hold you more, rock you more, laugh with you in my arms, and never ever forget that the one who made you , makes no mistakes!  You're perfect in every way, I love you!!


Sadie needs bumper pads!


Seven things I want to be SURE to remember about my seven month old baby girl.

1. You are still the most smiling girl ever...you crinkle your nose when you smile, though getting more expressive when you want a toy and you cant reach it, or mommy doesn't let you play with it while you're eating
2.  You not only pull yourself to standing you will now reach for something near by to step from one place to the next
3. You can climb Fancy's stairs!
4. You have a little tooth on the bottom coming in!
5. You fav food seams to be pees! weird!
6. You squeal at lilly even when shes barking at you and thinks you are trying to get your food... which you do!
7. You crawled into sissy's room the other day sighed and laid your head down on her fluffy white pillow and just smiled and laid there, it was the cutest thing EVER!

I love it when you cuddle me, although these days you would much rather be crawling around or bouncing on something. 
Fav toy: the run around standing table, you just run and squeal lol
Fav. time of day:bath time, you kick your legs when you see that tub full of bubbles, and you are out of your bath seat because you wouldn't just chill there now you are sitting on a bath mat in the water and play like your big sissy.
Fav. show: Baby's first moves
Fav. Song: "if your happy and you know it" I have tried all sorts of songs, you don't get nearly as excited for anything like you do that song
Fav. outfit: a onsie with leggings so you can move and grove! 

I love you so much!
God thank you for this sweet girl who never keeps me serious too long, her smile is intoxicating and I just cant imagine what she will say when she can put words to these expressions.  Thank you for the lesson in joy she has taught us.  I think of how I will be able to hold her less and less as she starts to walk, thank you for those moments as they come and help me to cherish them and never neglect that time we have.  (even if its in the middle of the night over sore teeth).  I pray you put your word in her heart as she sees us living it out every day.