C is for Corndogs, Cat angels and CANTON!

Annual Canton trip was underway this year with many unexpected and some new friends to join the bunch!  My mother-in-love is the coordinator for canton I swear one year I will be putting pics of her face on shirts and we will say "have you seen our Canton Queen Bee?" lol  because its inevitable even if you aren't meaning too, you will loose the people you are with and see others you never thought you would whilst roaming the grounds at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX.  I am in LOVE with the many hilarious texts I kept getting from Megan on my Saturday morning drive up there. We decided to forgo our individual canton rooms for Friday night and make the trek on Sat morning, not sure how I feel about that as far as for next year, but one thing is for sure, I will be baby free next year.  Sadie was a trouper and she learned how to sleep in her stroller and in my arms and in a pack and play, but an 8 month old in Canton is a little tough.  Lyndz said at one point "i cat believe you do with with a baby!" lol.  After standing in line for a sandwich some fruit and a drink for 30 min in the sweltering "wasn't it supposed to be cool" heat, hearing a 3 yr old whimper and whine for his mom to "hold me mama, hold me, hold me mama" and then her to pick him up and him still whimper and whine... it was a real realization that maybe kids should be banned from canton?  I definitely know that Kehnley would want to die if she came, and shed be crusen in one of the canton wagons fashioned with sleeping bags and pillows like the kids were having a pj party!  We founds some cool new artwork and met the artist it was my Christmas stock up, many pieces of furniture for the girls, a lot of cute clothes that would hurt my bank account to mention.  Some amazing wreaths... I bought supplies to make my own this year, pics of that coming to a Christmas album near you!  and enough frickles, sun-dried tomato and spinach pizza, and kettle corn to last me til next years trip!  Lyndz and her mom came, so did Amy and her mom and Landry's mom, Megan her mom and her friend Shelby and her mom, Cole and Donna, Lauren and Becky... it was CERTAINLY a mother and daughter affair... even Ansley and Kairi showed up for dinner at the Jalapeno Tree (the place we eat every year on Sat night..they have the BEST Tortilla Soup!) 

Some things are just too predictable for canton and too canton-licious to forget!!
1. I got so sick on Saturday so bad that it was hard to sleep that night and I just wanted to lay on the floor and cry
2. Me and mom spent half the day Sunday looking for a parking spot or trying to get to our car with all our new buys falling off our canton cart.
3. Bought enough soup mixes to keep my kitchen cooking time down to bare minimum over the next few months or more!
4.Came home wondering what in the world I actually bought because although I was thoughtful about it at the time when Bry asked me I just couldn't pin point anything but the soups!
5. Filled up my garage with all the things that canton had to offer this year and know I wont get it all put away for another few weeks.
6. Already thinking of what I might be looking for next year....can't wait!  See you in Canton 10/03/11!

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Meg said...

I could use a corn dog right now....