How to Tuesdays... Make a Tutu

Ever Wonder how to make your own Tutu?  Well, thanks to my sister Nicole and some searching I am on my way to making Sadie and Kehnley their very own Wreck Em Tech skirts for the game in Lubbock next month!

Stay tuned for more "How to Tuesdays" on my blog bc I am feeling creative these days... maybe it's because of my lack of sleep... Dear Red Bull, I miss you, hope to sip you soon! Forever tiredly yours, Keri

Source:  momdot.com


Christina said...

I've always wanted to make one of these for my girls!

Now no more excuses :)

Tawney said...

so excited to have found this! I am definately making a tutu for my bachelorette party! Thank you for posting!!!