34 weeks


That's how long you have been with me and it feels like its rushing by so fast! 
You can:
sit up
roll over
crawl so fast
stand up
walk from close object to another close object
chew on a biscuit
eat baby food
drink from a bottle
hold a bottle with your feet
make anyone smile
laugh very loudly
squeal like your sister
talk to lilly
babble in your bed
roll a ball
feel my face when you wake up in the morning
hear daddy's voice and want to see him
cry in the middle of the night
put your passy in your mouth by yourself
steel another baby's passy
splash in the tub
hold something with two hands over your head in delight
push a chair around the room

You will:
walk so soon
talk sweetly just like your sister
clap your hands
stand by yourself
feed yourself
close the door in my face
laugh at something you've done on your own
always be my little girl
sleep all night (i hope)
move to a big girl bed one day and I will probably cry
hold hands with your sister and walk together
run and run and run
hug your daddy's neck by yourself
give kisses on purpose
say a prayer
never fully know just how loved you are

You do:
growl a little bit when your excited
wake up a little too often at night still
make us so happy
get food all over the place when you eat
LOVE to eat at your chair
drive Kehnley a little crazy by climbing at her table
and eating her toys
and pulling her hair
always smile and in your own way say "im a baby I didnt know!"
love to feel stuff with your pointer finger it cracks us up
play on the computer til mommy says "oh no!"
love to hear me sing to you and make your hands clap
teach me so much about myself its scary
love to be outside
have a compassionate heart already
amaze us!
crawl away a LOT and I have to stop in a split second and find you again... sounds like I'm not an attentive mom or not paying attention its not true.. you just get curious and gone SO fast!
You must:
slow down and let me hold you more, rock you more, laugh with you in my arms, and never ever forget that the one who made you , makes no mistakes!  You're perfect in every way, I love you!!

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I have a slogan for your site (seriously):

Being Blowey. It's just better.