Its Fun to be 4!

4 years old and its hard to imagine that you are a little girl but with the mind and attitude of someone so much bigger.  I hope you will stay my baby forever but as I see you now, it looks like you will be growng faster than I ever dreamed or could handle.  You are so smart and funny, you say the most clever things like when you and daddy were making a tent in the living room last night and you said "common' mom get your sleep on" :)  Or when you gave me a big hug and said "i love you mom, i think I'll keep you..remember like on Olivia?!"  What a cutie, I think I WILL KEEP YOU! my love ! 
We spent your birthday party with friends and family at the park you love to play at all year and it was a PIRRRRATE party, full of swords, treasure hunts, eye patches, jolly rogers, ring pop treasure and more!  Your daddy and I got you a sonwcone maker for the party in lou of cake...wasnt sure if youd love it like cake.. YOU DID! :)  So daddy bought you your very own smaller one when we were at the beach for you actual birthDAY... he said he just had to have that for his little darling. 

Your favorite present was hard to pick, you got so many great things, but you DID want daddy to put together the barbie scooter we got you the second we got home and rode it all over the house that night and next day....why not outside? not sure lol.  You even hoped on in your birthday suit and rode it to the bath tub silly billy!

Your second fav gift was the barbie house and pool that Cole and Granny got you, I have had to move it since then to your closet bc someone's baby sister likes to slide everyting down the barbie slide and doesnt realize shes a giant compaired to it :)
The DAY of your birthday we were in Florida on vacation and mama made your usual special breakfast and surprises and goodie baskets!  i drew you on a big sheet of paper and made it look JUST like you, Fancy kept moving the picture every day after that on vacation, it was on the back of the bathroom door, in the pantry, sitting in a chair with a dress on haha..you loved it!  the night of your birthday you got to run on the beach and go out to dinner followed by your most FAV part..ICE CREAM!!! :) 

Your fav. things are starting to change, althought you love to play pretend you are getting much more active, and LOUD too haha, I am sure I tell you a few times a week that if you want to scream you need to go out side and do that (what can I say its a mamma thing) You are a dancing and singing queen, making up songs on your guitar, dancing some pretty sweet moves I must say, and teaching sissy all the fun songs to get grovin to!
You love your barbies or course, but your also becoming a sports girl, wanting to play baseball and run run run, you play with the water table fancy got you and thanks to swim lessons you are getting more adventurous at the pool!  You are giving kisses and hugs a lot being really expressive that way and more so with Sadie which really warms my heart!  You are learning so much like how to write your name, read, spell out word families...I am amazed at how quickly you learn!  You bring me my phone every morning and ask what the bible verse of the day is, you always want to know if a song playing if a "jesus song" and you are facinated with going on a trip to ap place like daddy and "speaking spanny" like Dora taught you lol and telling them about Jesus...your so sweet!

A few favorites...
Fav foods: hard to tell but snacking you love goldfish or the mama mixes i make with all kinds of good stuff like cranberries, gold fish, teddys, melts, and yogurt rasins.  You love apple sauce sqeezers.  You also love hotdogs (duh!) and eggs (SHOCKING I KNOW!!)
Fav shows: Old Micky Mouse shows, still Backyardigans, and Olivia and Toot and Puddle oh and can't forget BUBBLE GUPPIES
Fav books: The bible story book, Dr. Seuss ABC, anything by Sandra Boynton (not the hipo, going to bed book, pajama time..)
Fav game: hide and seek, Just Dance, "no you don't"

You are a wonderful artist and love to paint and make art.  I have been so busy casing Sadie that I havent had time to sit with you and make some works of art with you like we used to.  I am going to spend time with you doing that because I know its something that we both miss! You love to paint flowers its your absolute most favorite thing... but probably because you have mastered it and know you do it well :)

You love anything new crayola can throw at cha, like window crayons and sidewalk chalk paint.  I love how inventive you are at using anything you can to make something beautiful!  I pray you never loose that ability!

We love you so much Kehnley and I know that there are so many who are blessed just to know you, hear your encouraging words, your teaching spirit, your funny stories and sweet smile, your infectious laugh..its all just the begining of how great you really are.  I hope you will have a wonderful year learning new things, becoming more confident in your abilities to do things on your own, and being fearless to new places-people-skills-adventures. You my darling are one of a kind and my life is far more colorful with you in it!


Mud Pie Kitchen Project!

my new obsession... Mud Pie Kitchens!  Me and K are going to make one in the weeks ahead, I'll keep you posted! I have a seen a TON but this ones looks pretty great! To be honest K is kind of a tiddy mud pie kitchen girl, she would in no way go for the messy versions of this, even though i have explained it's GONNA get messy when you add in mud :)

However I dont think she needs it as clean as this...

To get her REALLY excited I might have to find a Mud Pie cook book!

Me and my besty when i was little would make all kinds of concoctions outside with flowers plants and grasses.  It was our little make believe wold of run aways and camp outs...I thought it would be fun to help K and S one, someting tells me S will get even more messier than K!! :)