Mud Pie Kitchen Project!

my new obsession... Mud Pie Kitchens!  Me and K are going to make one in the weeks ahead, I'll keep you posted! I have a seen a TON but this ones looks pretty great! To be honest K is kind of a tiddy mud pie kitchen girl, she would in no way go for the messy versions of this, even though i have explained it's GONNA get messy when you add in mud :)

However I dont think she needs it as clean as this...

To get her REALLY excited I might have to find a Mud Pie cook book!

Me and my besty when i was little would make all kinds of concoctions outside with flowers plants and grasses.  It was our little make believe wold of run aways and camp outs...I thought it would be fun to help K and S one, someting tells me S will get even more messier than K!! :)

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