Sadie needs bumper pads!


Seven things I want to be SURE to remember about my seven month old baby girl.

1. You are still the most smiling girl ever...you crinkle your nose when you smile, though getting more expressive when you want a toy and you cant reach it, or mommy doesn't let you play with it while you're eating
2.  You not only pull yourself to standing you will now reach for something near by to step from one place to the next
3. You can climb Fancy's stairs!
4. You have a little tooth on the bottom coming in!
5. You fav food seams to be pees! weird!
6. You squeal at lilly even when shes barking at you and thinks you are trying to get your food... which you do!
7. You crawled into sissy's room the other day sighed and laid your head down on her fluffy white pillow and just smiled and laid there, it was the cutest thing EVER!

I love it when you cuddle me, although these days you would much rather be crawling around or bouncing on something. 
Fav toy: the run around standing table, you just run and squeal lol
Fav. time of day:bath time, you kick your legs when you see that tub full of bubbles, and you are out of your bath seat because you wouldn't just chill there now you are sitting on a bath mat in the water and play like your big sissy.
Fav. show: Baby's first moves
Fav. Song: "if your happy and you know it" I have tried all sorts of songs, you don't get nearly as excited for anything like you do that song
Fav. outfit: a onsie with leggings so you can move and grove! 

I love you so much!
God thank you for this sweet girl who never keeps me serious too long, her smile is intoxicating and I just cant imagine what she will say when she can put words to these expressions.  Thank you for the lesson in joy she has taught us.  I think of how I will be able to hold her less and less as she starts to walk, thank you for those moments as they come and help me to cherish them and never neglect that time we have.  (even if its in the middle of the night over sore teeth).  I pray you put your word in her heart as she sees us living it out every day.

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