More than my husband

I'm breaking my 30 day blogging strike for this post:

Some people don't believe me when I say that I have loved him for half my life and hoped for him the other... this picture might just prove that...
we were 15!


It's true that we don't always aggree and I know my lack of time managemnt drives him crazy, as eaqually crazy as it makes me when he is acting like he's doing something besides looking at his watch, it's totally obveouse I don't know why he tries to fake me out.  Matt Chandler claims that there is no such thing as the "mythical one" but I believe that Bry is my one, my only one.  I don't just say that to impress some on looker or get the affectionate "awww" from the blogger world.  I think if you know both of us well, you'd aggree, there just isn't one without the other.  Bry you know you are much more than my husband, you'r my __fill in the blank__.  Whatever you can think of, you are! I love you, happy birthday!

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