Epipen please!

So I was told i needed to share this story, it's one of those you laugh about later but at the time you are totally FREAKING out!

I was my monthly trip to the grocery store which I have decided just isnt for me, I get to overwhelmed, and yes I save a lot but its to stressful it's just not worth it!

So I get my self all geared up, i got the purse... CHECK, I got the cellular... CHECK, I got the mom sitter for the baby... CHECK, I got Kehnley in the car.. CHECK, i got the coupons....CHECK, the list and the menu and the modified menu....CHECK CHECK and... Check!

First things first you know your gonna be there a while so you get the 2 yr old what they want, keep them happy and they won't hurt someone or themselves. This means you better let them pick the color car the want to ride in ( you know the ones thats STRAPPED to the front of the cart like a box car rendering it impossible to turn without a wide double lane swing out) She pick "flue" of course (aka: blue)

We're on our way, managed to breeze past the balloons with no request (good so far)

Start with produce, start fillig her up, hit upthe dairy, the soy for mamma, and then its off to find ingreience for home-made chex mix. This is where everything goes TERRIBLY wrong.

List: pretzles, wheat chex, teddy grams, goldfish, cashews almonds, pecans...

Kehnley "mom I want to try that... point to a cashew" i dont know K I think you might not should have nuts, your alergic to peanuts" then i think of how she eats wanuts no problem and pecans no problem, so she takes one and pops it in her mouth all seams to be going well, I am reaching for the eggs and I hear caughing, LOUD caughing .... and its couples with gasps.

She is Choking, her face is red instantly, her lip looks like something off Vanilla Sky when Tom cruise is all warped, its hanging down and folded inside out at one side. My darling little girl is having the worsh allergic reaction I have ever seen outside of the movie Hitch. I RUN to the milk singles an pop the straw in, with as much froce as I can muster I push this train car like cart in the dirrection of the meds, Benedrill is my only thought ( oh yeah , I called my mom and got some advice). She downs the meds and then poses for a pic I use to show my mom and husband in horor... AND get this girl an epi pen when i show the doc the evidence! She says "cheese" as her lip invers and flaps down.... its amazing how resiliant they are that they can say "cheese" when they were 2 sec ago on the brink of death!

The shock of the situation has given her a "soiled"moment and she tells me she is cold and has gone tt in her pants.

I look down and there is pee drinching the car.... (THATS WHY WE DONT EVER GET THESE THINGS I REMIND HER AND MYSELF!! some OTHER kid could have pissed themselves and just left it for you to climb into. Anyway, back to the story, so we are too far from the bathroom, diapers are on my ist ( after all i AM here to shop and I have a coupon for that) so i run to the diaper ailse, take off my hoodie so shes not TOTALLY revealed, hide her behind my body, rip open the huggies bag and change her diaper. She is not wearing my hoodie around her waste with a new diaper and tshirt, I am porting a very ill fitted sports bra and tank top... at any moment someone i know is going to walk upI just know it.... that would make this momnet even MORE perfect. So we continue on our shopping journey i am deterined to get this over with and not leave without my discounted grovceries. Kehnley is hungry, its lunch fter all and she does have something choaking her throat and stomach, and probably all her inners at this point!

What do I do?

Of course, open the tortillas, the pepperonies, the string cheese, some chips, and a drink... then half a banana. We are hitting up the canned veggies ailses and all of a sudden she cries out and turns red.... oh no I think... oh please no!

I know what THAT face means, I pick her up put her on my hip and pat her back saying "sweety just let it go, its okay" she throws up ALL over the back of my sholder and onto some cans and all over the veggie ailse. She does it two more times me telling her just to let it out.

The poor cleaning guy walk by right as shes unloaded a THIRD time and I apolojize more than I ever have in my life and hear the "clean up on ailse 7 pls" After that we got OUT of there. the man checking us out, put all the opened products in a shared bag...okay okay TWO bags, yes it was a LOT of opened food!

By the time i got home I was soaking wet from pee, vomit and sweat, put Kehnley to bed. The meds had made all 32 lbs of her a dead weight on my sholder carrying her from the car to her room. I sat on the couch... and cried, hard! I guess holding it all in and acting cool for her got to me. Needless to say I took this pic to show the docs the next visit. It breaks my heart that she is smiling in theis pic. I thought I could have lost her, and she is still smiling in the midst of all she went through!


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Russ and Kristin said...

Are you kidding me? Was that this week? You have been through the ringer lately, girl!

So glad Kehnley's okay!