My Smiley girl


Sadie you are 5 months, actually almost 6 and you are growing so fast and becoming so mobile I am sure I will have less and less time to remember all the fun little details about you right now!
Like your favorite sound we make is like a car bumping down the road or an airplane flying. You also love anything that squeaks at you, we lost your FAVORITE duck at the grocery store one day on a long trip...I looked everywhere and Kehnley did too but we just had to leave without it (Kehnley said that maybe another kid would be happy to get it)

You love to be snuggled, I hope that never changes.
You love to sit in your highchair and chew on ice!
You love your karaoke machine and to pull yourself up on it like you are big enough to stand up! Silly girl!
You love to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh
You love your sissy's toys, and shes getting better at sharing one thing at a time :)
You love your swing daddy put up outside
You love to sleep in your bed, but love it even more when mommy holds your hand or daddy pats your back
Your favorite toy is the snail that crawls and has a rolling stacker on its back
Your favorite food is carrots! And apples too!
You love to smile at everything
You love to wear headbands and bows, you never even take them off!
You love to bounce and dance with daddy, Kehnley and me! I like your moves :)
You LOVE you passy... its your fav thing, you smile when you see it, grab it, pop it in, take it from mommy, suck on it all the time, chew on the back of it, you'll even steal other baby's if it looks like yours!
Some of your tricks are: at the first of the month you started sitting up, and being able to stay there!
this week you started crawling! At first it was a rock, then a rock and crawl one leg then drag on your belly, a bit of the worm lol. But now its a full crawl, lucky for me, you're not too fast yet, but you DO body surf over the play mat with sides that used to keep you contained.
Looks like we're gonna have to break out the pack and play
You dont watch much tv but your favorite show is Sesame Street...thanks to sister! :)


Sadie you are so precious! We love you so much...


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