Vomos Venez...Praying Bryson through the mission field

It's currently 12:25, I'm so exhausted I can barely stand to keep my eyes awake to write this post but Bry leaves for Venezuela tomorrow on his first of many mission trips. Its been a crazy few months leading up to his departure tomorrow. We've been hit with a lot of things, a lot of distractions, a lot of trials, but God has been faithful and fully involved in all of it showing us His will. Even in the midst of much opposition, however, he is still going and i am still 100% positive it's what God desires most. Prior to him even stepping foot on a plane, he's had the opportunity to share the love of Christ and the calling of Him on his life and heart with people at work and family, it's been a long time since we both have had this passion for boldness in this way.

Our hearts have been bruised and broken again for the lost!The quickest way that the enemy could distract us from that calling was to make us busy in our own lives... and it certainly happened! But I am so grateful for Bryson's fervor to go and to share the gospel, to teach and to encourage.... it's truly been the compass of our home. There are a few events I want to record so I don't forget in the Lord prepping and preparing this trip for us.

1. we knew we didnt have the funds for this trip or anything around it and God provided above and beyond what we had ever hoped, up until the last day with some very real and random ways for us to have all angels of this trip provided for financially

2. Bry had a chance the day after finding out he was on the evangelism team to run into a pair of Mormon's with Ronnie (what are the chances of that.. those poor guys didnt know what they were getting themselves into) and Bry was able to really engage in some tough and probing conversations that was just a little prep course before he left for Venz.

3. Sadie went to the emergency room and we both learned not only that all we have is His.... but also the power of prayer!

4. From that God has changed our perspective on the things we have and where certain things used to be higher on our importance or priority line up, they have dropped way down behind cherishing moments we have with each other and our girls!

5. Conversations at Brys work have been circulating and deep talks of the Lord as well: biblical moral parallels, the "mission field" at large, and prayers towards service for us and the members of our church.

6. Sharing total trust and faith in Christ with family members and friends.

7. I have personally faced a lot of mental battle with this trip coming and as it got closer the thoughts got tougher to face. I was in total peace when the trip came up and as weeks began to get closer to the departure date the enemy really attacked me and I have learned the power of God's word to diminish all fear and learned more about God's heart for the world to know Him!

Some of these are really vague, but they have all been prepping and preparing us for the next 10 days. I felt called by the Lord to share some scripture that God not only used to comfort me but He used to share with me His good, and perfect plans AND what to be praying over Bry for each day that he is away. I hope that those of you who know and love us would join in with me.

8. This morning before Bry is to leave he was telling Kehnley that he was going to go on a trip to tell people in another part of the world about Jesus and His love for them and she responded in all her infinate 3 year old wisdom... "Dad, you gotta go what God tells you".

Today I feel great and at peace that things are going to transpire that God will have His glory known in more of the world because of Bry's faithfulness and not being swayed by much opposition... but I am still going to miss him and try my hardest to keep an attitude of gratitude even in the toughest moments whether here or there! We most likely won't be able to communicate over the next 10 days, but I know that the spirit goes between us and will guide our hearts on what to pray, the Lord has already laid certain things for certain days to be praying over, will you join me?

Day 1 Travel
Pray for safe travel to each village, town and city for the members on their team and encounters along the way that might lead to Christ
Col. 4:3, 2 Corinth 2:17,

Day 2 Hearts
Pray for the hearts of those who have gone to do God's work, for those who are left to wait and see, and for those waiting for salvation that don't yet know how near it is!
2 Corinth 4:6, John 17:3, John 10:16, Jer 24:7,

Day 3 Banishing fear
Fear for us here, fear for those who are doing God's will in Venezuela, around the world, and those who are being attacked in many ways by the enemy even as we pray
Ps 112:6-7, Rom. 8:28-32,

Day 4 Protection and Shield
Where ever they go, whatever they are doing pray a hedge of protection around them, angels guarding them and watching them, let them feel the presence of the mighty hand of God covering them
Ps 119:114, Ps 91:9-11

Day 5 Giving light to those living in darkness
Pray that God will unveil the eyes of the lost, that the people who know what truth is when they hear it and that they will accept this light that leave no darkness to fear anymore
John 11:9-10, Isaiah 50:10, 1 Pt 2:9-10

Day 6 Boldness
Pray for an ever increasing boldness to overcome those who are working on behalf of the Lord, let a steadfast fight be put in their spirit to speak God's word at all times
Ps. 138:3, Mark 16:15

Day 7 Strength to endure
Pray for weak hands and bodies and minds to be strengthened by God, let their will not be deterred and let them hold fast to God's purpose for them
2 Corinth 4:8, 1 Cor. 4:12-13, Isaiah 40:29-31

Day 8 Spreading of the Gospel
Pray God let the gospel reach those who will carry it on to others who might not know God, let it reach all the ends of the earth as God desires
Col. 4:3, John 12:32, 1 Corinth 1:17

Day 9 Thanksgiving
Pray thanking God for the lives who will be forever changed, for God's glory being shared and reveled and for doing all He said He would do, He is so faithful!
1 Tim 2:1,3-4, Jn 2:1b-2, 2 Corn 4:15

Day 10 Obedience
Pray for continual trust and obedience for those who are just now hearing God's voice for the first time and those who have been listening to Him for years, let them not turn away from their maker. Make their feet ready for whatever comes next!
James 2:17, Ps 67, 1 Jn 3:16-18

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