Picture project-October

I am loosing my mind not sure why I am up right now... and whilst I am up I am not sure why I get so distracted by things that are not on the important immediate to do list.. if you know me you know that i obsess about albums, getting them done, looking at pics, capturing our lives as they flash by.  not sure why, i know it has no place in eternity... but them again, it's a ref. to where we have been and where we are going and... ok enough rambling lets get to the good stuff.  So I decided for a few weeks I am going to post random pics I come across while making my albums, just fun ones that I haven't seen in a while that make me smile, enjoy if your looking.

Looked up in the past hour:
how to make potato plantain omelets
Summer fun crafts by skiptomylou.com
Scrumdillydo.blogspot fireworks painting with a salad spinner
Splat mat material to make my own
Kiddly.com paper dolls hopping K and I can make ur own and share with an artsy friend too
& last but not least:
~these pics~

I love this group of pics bc it captures the explorer side of Kehnley, her posing and the amazing cuteness of little kids in jeans, it's amazing to me that they have denim is small and smaller! Her expression as she kisses Fancy just for the picture to be taken then say "let me look" to see herself is priceless!

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