Day 1: Pray for Safe travel!

When I dropped Bry off at the airport I was able to keep it together, didnt have the ugly cry face til AFTER i drove away :). But for real, he strapped on his "big bear backpack" and gave me the a "hang-ten" hand and then was on his way! the most hilarious part is that he packed mostly fishing pants and no rinse soap...if something ever happened to me I think he's outfit the girls in windbreakers and head out with Bear Grills on all his adventures like a crazy groupie!

Anyway, hopefully we never have to see pictures of that! lol

He told me that there were 20 ppl along with their crew that were on the flight as well from Tallowood Bapt. "Looks like the bapt. are taking the plane over!" were His words. Right now he's probably on his route to whatever town they will be in and leaving Caracas.

This what I felt the Lord was pressing on my heart to pray for today...
Day 1 Travel
Pray for safe travel to each village, town and city for the members on their team and encounters along the way that might lead to Christ

Col. 4:3 says...
"And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ"

Christ IS a mystery, one that I have loved uncovering and I am hoping that it will be revealed to those going and receiving. It certainly happens that when we try to share Him with others we learn more of Him ourselves.

2 Corn. 2:17 says...
"Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God."

I pray that they would know these ppl are coming out of a love for God and others and they would know how deep the Fathers love is for them that they might be encouraged and renewed!

As far as us here at home, we spent the day at Fancy and Papa's house swimming, playing and just enjoying their company. Every time I began to miss Bry I just prayed for him in different ways. I know that everyone out there who is deeply in love thinks that their relationship is unlike any other, and its true if you have a great love...there is just nothing to describe what it's really like to be married to some one you have been in love with most your life, like us. Going through this preparation for this trip its stirred so many emotions in us both.. one of them is just the realization of how beyond blessed we are to have a love like ours, to be so passionately in love and to be so close, he's my best friend, but more than that he's the companion that God picked especially for me. Some people don't believe in "the one" they think that there are plenty of ppl you could be with, it just so happens this person through circumstances ended up being the one...I disagree I know there is no one like him, there is no one who could compare in my life. He's been the love of my life for 13 years...and to think that there are moments I haven't cherished with him breaks my heart. This trip has opened my eyes to how much I need to make it a priority to show him just how precious he is to me, how much I adore him and I don't ever want to waste a day that I might have to just know him more. 13 years of caring about a person and learning them and sharing the most life changing moments together and yet there is still something in me that gets all caught up when I see him! I miss him like crazy. But then again, the Holy spirit keeps reminding me that I neglect to show my love for the Lord, my allegiance to Him, and i am convicted of the time i spend on other things rather than knowing Him more... I have missed having a heart that chases after Him and His word. So even as I think of Bry and miss him, my heart is caught up in my Love for God instead and I am taking this time to stoke those embers that have grown dim over the past months and take my focus off the things that have distracted me all this time and just consider God's unending love for me, I know there are others out there who need to do the same. Don't wait...


Eddy B. said...

Dear Keri,
We've been praying for Bryson and you already. We hope and pray that it will be good experience for you both. I hope he comes back having learned and grown as much as he shared and witnessed, and a better soccer player, too. Follow your instincts with the kids and holding down the fort. Y'all are blessed to have each other,
eddy b.
PS- sleeping at night will definitely be an eye opening experience(just for a few nights! Jesus is there for you both. God bless you two and the girls.

Michele said...

Sweet girl,
Your words are so beautiful and inspiring. I have been praying for Bry, you, and the girls. Knowing that God has such amazing plans for each one of you during this time. God's blessings and love always.