Day 8 to 10 : Thanksgiving to Obedience

We have certainly had a lot to be thankful for, and I am thankful especially for this week, for Bry to experience God in a new way, and for God to use my time alone (and by alone i mean surrounded by kids and toys and friends and family) lol... but totally alone at some parts of the night once the girls are in bed and to just hear God's voice.  It's amazing how the things God gives us can distract us so much from Him!  I am learning more and more just how to honor Him with those gifts and not be carried away by them.  I had an awesome time in Dallas getting ot love on my best friends and I only wish that I had more time to do that stuff more often.  I got to experience God's miracle in seeing Kairi Anne, so beautiful this baby girl!  I loved seeing Amy and Landry's new place, it's so nice!!  I want to move in :)  Sadie looooveed the dogs!  I can't wait to get back and see how kehnley has been doing! I will post pics soon of my trip there. 

As for thanks giving, I picked Bry up from the airport on my way back and it was so funny to see him, he looked different, but the same, Sadie looked at him and stared for a moment then smiled like she hadnt all weekend.  It blessed me to think that at 6 months she knows his face and loves him so much!  I know that smile made him feel so good that she was saying with her little gummy grin 'I missed you'. 

I have spent the past few days listening to Bry's stories, they are pretty amazing and I am so beyond joyful that I married a man who knows how to share his heart...he has been reading me his journal and its like Im there with him experiencing it all together.  Thanksgiving that God lets us be a part of the sharing of the gospel that it my give us momentum to love others into knowing Him and experiencing His joy and experience His power to change hearts, especially our own.  If the soul propose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever then in a world where there are so many distractions from that:, where rather than enjoy Him we enjoy His gifts and instead of glorifying our God we glorify ourselves...the gift of seeing salvation come to the lost it reminds us that it's personal and speaks differently to everyone.  As long as we dont misunderstand the gospel message is the same: Christ came that we might be united once again to God after the sin of our flesh separated us from Him, we are saved by believing in our heart that Jesus is Lord and confessing with our mouths that He is all (Romans 10:9-10), although the way it reaches hearts is very individualized.  Thankfully we celebrate the 30 lives that were changed because of those who were faithful to go on this trip and the many more from them who will come to experience the Joy of the Lord.  We have much to celebrate, tonight under our roof we celebrate that my darling Bryson is home but more so that he did not let anything keep him from sharing the love of God with the world! People from all over: age, gender, race, social standing received Christ last week because God was gracious enough to call Bry out of his comfortable home and into the mountains of Venez.
Thankful for the men and women and children all over the world putting their own agenda aside to live out their faith and share Christ with all they meet, to orchestrate meetings in order that some might know Him and be formed into His likeness...they are risking their lives even for the gospel.  For their obedience I pray tonight.  Let the harvest be fruitful for them Lord, let them not labor in vain. 

Obedience for us, here in our lives, to look for the greater picture, to Him who is greater and worthy of it all...how will I live out this boldness and purpose in my home?  How will I teach my girls all the mysteries of Christ?  I must start with prayer!  Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and prayers, we have felt them and it's been life changing for us all.

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