Kitchen Renovation!

I came across this picture of what my kitchen looked like the day we moved in...
This is what it looks like now. What a different a little paint and some hardware can do!
I have other renovations and changes we have made to the house that I will post later, we are about to take on a BIG one! Keep that in your prayers! I feel so blessed to just have a home, when there are so many others living on the streets and in places that are in such bad condition...it makes you grateful for what you have. God is teaching me to remember that everything we have is a gift, it's temporary and really nothing compared to the joy we have in Christ Jesus. I spend so much of my day in this kitchen cooking meals for my family, entertaining my little girl, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning dishes... I pray that God will always be honored here in the little tasks that I do day to day.

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Jennifer Haas said...

I am a new follower, your site is cute.. love the work you did in your kitchen!!