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I have been working on this other blog post for a while now about the things we have learned at a parents summit Bry and I went to, it's really incredible seeing the fruit of that wisdom being implemented in our home. Kehnley and I have a much better relationship, as if it were even possible, Bry and I are so excited about this night called "family night" every week where we teach Kehnley a lesson from God's word, really short and simple, you can imagine the attention span of a 2 yr. old. And she initiates prayer together now, how cool is that!! God is blessing us in our home so much by making Him and His word the focus! Needless to say it's a lot of information to try and share but God put it on my heart to share it...SO it will be coming soon, in the meantime enjoy these pics of my crazy beautiful girl, the every growing Sadie belly and Trips to fun places including the LBK !! ( I didn't forget about Canton... those will be a later date!)
The Glowing Red embers lead the way....
Wish the fire was enough to keep us warm!!

This is how we do it!

Getting our guns up at the bonfire!

The football is supposed to distract from my bump!

RSC float, hey there's Nicole!!! Bry hurry, chase them!

Megan the TECH Trek! lol

Sugar Browns... they didn't have cider, what in the world!?

LOL, guys love to pose together!

game day girls!

The group is back in the LBK and loving it!

Mrs. Raider Red herself rocking the best tech scarf! Go Amy :)

Like the good ol days!

that is a gloved gun if ever I seen one!

Section 11 holler!

Terry's face would not look so cheerful after the temp drops!

I heart my hubby in Lubbock!

Dinner at La Griglia for the Bday! with the fam

a little bit of a pirate spin on the usual "cheese" arrrrrr

First time to lick the whisk EVER in Kehnley history after making dad a batch of "we love you" brownies!
Wow... you made it through ALL those pics! Good for you, now God make YOU some "i love you" brownies... and don't forget to lick the spoon!

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