Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Patch Sneak-e-Peek!

Ok ok, so this was supposed to be wordless but I really had some things I needed to say about this baby girl, who isn't looking like a baby anymore in these pics. I refuse to believe that though when she snuggles her head on my shoulder under my chin when she falls asleep in the car and I have to transfer her inside. Kehnley, you are the most outrageously gorgeous girl I know and you have this laugh that is SO contagious! You have always been a firecracker ever since you were a little baby...never just sitting pretty always reaching for anything in sight, ,moving and shaking so fast! By 4 months you had so many teeth it was wrong to not let you eat cereal, you were already holding your head up and the doc said "go for it!" so I did... you tried to feel yourself the very first time i ever reached across that empty space to smother your cheeks with beige goo! You walked so fast, it was the start of 9 months and you were striding with such easy... you were already mimicking Fancy's fast walk with the arm swing! You LOVED to watch anything you could sit in front of and dissect...at such a young age baby Einstein caught your attention, you would memorize the things coming next and start laughing at your fav parts before they even happened! You have loved animals all your life, you still love Lilly now even though you will push her off the couch sometimes for a giggle... which is not very nice, lets me be nice to our Lilly....God gave her to us okay?! Mommy will try harder too! You are afraid of very little...you tell me you'll "pix" everything all the time, you put on make up with such ease...even your fake mascara which consists of you licking your finger and brushing it over your lashes...not sure what that's about. You are so fast to pick up dance moves and song lyrics to something even from the first time you hear it, just like your vocally challenged, legend in her own mind, mommy. You LOVE to play tackle football with daddy! You call it "hut-ball" probably bc all you and daddy say is "hut hut" and run around the house after each other. You are a great doctor and I love it when you say "all beddur" when you finish my examination. I wish all doctors said that! There is only one little yellow gerbil lick creature that steals your heart and at least an hour of our day... Wubsy! Wow wow wubsy! You talk like him, you act like him, you memorize the lines and recite them to us, you ask for it all the time and if commercials slow the flow of your fav. high pitched gerbil friend episodes you get a deep voice and it stirs up fear in our hearts when you say "WUUBBBBSYYYY" like you have to have it, your a FEND! It's kind of scary actually. :) But you do love this song called "the Lord" according to your memory it's Seeds of praise track 2 and it's Ps. 148:1-5... you made up hand movements I have yet to capture on tape, but we all must do them together over and over when the song is playing...which is so cute because you said your hands when you say "praise the name of the LORD!" All that to say at 28 months you are just as exciting and sweet at the first day I held you... except now your fav foods are hot dogs, "yellow noodles"=mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, strawberries, corn, and waffles. Lets work on those food groups, k? Love you!

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Jennifer-Colley said...

She is soo precious and looks like such a big girl!