Happy Birthday Bry

Belated Birthday...

Well, Bry turned 27 this past week on the 10th, I know I am late to posting something but I was way too busy planning 3 days of FUN for him and us to enjoy. Day 1 was cake and candles for he and Kehnley, party hats and chocolate chip pancakes by request. Day 2 a painting from me and Kehnley and the first display on the honor wall followed by a morning to sleep in. Day 3 full of fun at the park, brunch picnic and Pet-a-palooza. It was a fun day and we watched college football all afternoon (Bry's dream come true lol)

I came across these old pics of us... I have some MUCH older but I am saving those for another great occasion! These are awesome because they say without words why I love Bryson so much and when I think of another year with him I get so giddy, just like I did the first time he held my hand! (we were watching "IT" at his house... I was 16.)

You can bust a move and you ALWAYS makes me laugh! I love it when you wear stretchy pants...

You are my outdoor guide to fun and adventure.

You're so romantic and I love your kisses. You show me God's love everyday.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

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Meg said...

Holy Cow?! Will Bryson please wear those blue shorts next time ya'll visit?