10 months Month Day!

I cant believe two things that you are SO fun!! I mean, you are laughing all the time and talking all kinds of gibberish, you are much more talkative than your sissy ever was, which kind of scares me for when you are 3 and chattering as much as her :)  You arn't walking yet which is fine with us, but not to you, you get SO upset if you cant push the chairs all over the house with nothing slowing you down! 

Tonight we had a holiday scavenger hunt in the house and you were shaking your hands and bouncing on my hip as we ran from station to station lol. 

You love music, you cant help but move when you hear it

You love your bahbah, you say it but don't know what you are saying lol, you just act like you are grabbing air when you REALLY want you bottle, your food, your daddy when he comes home

Your little teeth that show so proudly are the CUTEST things we have ever seen!  They don't feel good when you dig them into my shoulder :) but they are precious!
Speaking of teeth, they keep you up a lot of nights! But we are used to sleepless nights!

Yesterday though I thought we were making strides that you woke from nap and were playing alone in your bed for a few minutes, and i could see you laughing and playing in your bed.... I went in to find to my HORROR you had pulled off your diaper, pooped all over the bed, and had shmeared it ALL over you, your clothes, the bed, the bumper pads, the wall... your hair, your face.... then me, then the tub... it was NOT the sight I was looking forward to lol

Sissy is learning how to be more careful with you, you are just such a little dare devil that she forgets you are a little baby!  You keep stealing her folding chair and STANDING in it when i turn to put the juice away!  Then when i tell you "no no baby girl" and come to get you down you bounce your knees slap the back of the chair and say "GAT!" and laugh... lol not sure what you are saying but i know you mean business! :)

You can clap and clap SO well!  You clap every time we say " yaayyy Sadie"  it's so sweet to see you make use of your new trick.  When we sing "ive got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart and clap, you join right in!"

I love to sit with you and you lay back on me and watch sissy be silly or watch baby Einstein and you let me brush your little hairs with my hand, your so precious to us my darling

Our trip to Bama meant you got to meet and see a lot of new faces.  You started being bashful and when someone new would come around or after your nap you saw a few faces you would lay your head under my chin and smile and be shy, its the CUTEST thing ever! 

I can already see that you love a good laugh and playing.  Your not as "go to anyone" as Kehnley was, but when you warm up to someone you are all smiles.  One thing is for sure when Pawpaw sings you have all eyes on him and you sat in his lap and ate your lunch while he ate his and you just cruised to him and put your hands up for him to hold you, it was a special moment for both of you!

You are closer and closer to walking and you will see something like, Lilly, me, a candy cane, a piece of plastic, a bean, something shinny, and just go for it and start walking and then realize you are on your own and drop to your knees lol. One of these days your just gonna walk all over the place!  I can't wait!  In the mean time I will enjoy your big open mouth smile as you walk towards me and fall on me so glad to be off your feet. 
You're changing me everyday Sadie Bug, I love you!


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Michele said...

Those Blowey baby girls are simply beautiful!!!!

The Blowey Bunch said...

thank you so much Michele!