A story about a boy

 I am going to tell you a story about a boy. He grew up hunting and fishing,the baby of the family. He had an infectious smile,a kind heart, and a quiet spirit. He grew up like most boys: playing tball and making friends, riding bikes, playing street hockey, 4wheeling. Building pillow forts with his sister, getting into trouble, playing micro machines, watching teenage mutant Nina turtles (what up splinter)  .  He had crushes, learned how to drive-wrecked a few trucks, did some mudding and tore his jeans. He went to church, heard about Jesus; one night was moved to tears in a crowded room full of others just like him. He made some mistakes and paid dearly, but he has no regrets because it made him who he is and one thing he is-forgiven. He went away, he came home, learned tough lessons, he found true friendships in unexpected places. He was prayed over, encouraged, even in opposition, he was taught and loved on and cherished in all of it. This boy fell in love and had struggle, he grew up...his eyes and he is no longer a boy-but like a man he made a choice and he's realizing more and more everyday that his life is not just about him. "For in a mans heart he plans his steps, but The Lord determines his steps".  And now he's walking a straight path, narrow and long but with great purpose, although he has a ways to go- his gaze is fixed his steps are firm he has his burdens carried for him he does not walk alone the seed has fallen on good soil, and he will not rest until that day when he hears the words-"we'll done my good and faithful one. Welcome, welcome.

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