Another weekend away for the Blowey's

KiKi, Bry and me have been traveling mavens and it's only the begining. We went to Dallas for Ansley's shower, for Amy's shower and for Blaine and Jenna's wedding. One of the highlights from our most recent trips was Sprinkles. Megan and Kehnley and I had our first taste of these heavenly treats and we KNEW it was love at first bite! Lyndz was our tour guide to good eats in Dallas Friday afternoon. We stopped by Celebrity Cafe and then off to Sprinkles. Favorite flavor has to be Chai Late for me of course, Kehnley loved Strawberry and Megan did too. We had so much fun with Lyndz and Megan... and the wedding was beautiful. There were a lot of people from FBC Lubbock and it was nestalgic to be there with them all. Isn't it so amazing how time and distance cant seperate the bonds that God has made in our lives to people we have cared about?

It's been a super fun time getting to be with our friends as much as we have lately. I miss the college days where we could hang out at any time and just go with the flow. I had no idea how carefree my life was then until now... don't get me wrong I LOVE spending time with Bry and Kehnley. I love the newness of learning how to be a mom, I love the challenges that she brings and the character building that God is doing in me, and I don't have words to explain the comfort I have knowing that my marriage isn't complicated, just blanketed with love and grace. We really do have so much fun together...

But as days goes by, we see these friends taking big steps of change and challenge in their lives and celebrate with them the blessings God has given... I keep the moments in my heart along the way to remember all our pit stops. (and what I can't remember a photo can!)

Her first look... what do we get?!

Megan is bringing me the SUgAr!!

First bite.. mom is this okay to eat?

Oh yes, me likie!


MegCher said...

So cute! Love the digital scrapbooking!

Jana said...

So precious!!

The Reeves bunch said...

Ok, how do you do the digital scrapbook? That is awesome!! Kehnley is growing up so fast. I can't believe that she will be one on Saturday.

Erin DuBroc said...

i've heard about this sprinkles place...if only dallas were closer! :) y'all are adorable!