Easter 09

It's amazing how much they change in such a short time...

This was Kehnley just one year ago....
and here she is now!

Kehnley loved the sucker Fancy put in her basket more than her beautiful Easter dress...which is why it's in every pic even if you can't see it. She held onto in all day.

The Easter baskets are fun, but we don't even begin to act as if they could compair to the anticipation of the gift of God's promise to come back from the grave like he did that bright morning. I hope that we will convey that to our children like our parents did for us.

Her Chick and Bunny made friends while we all hunted for eggs inside.

Jennifer got a new pup for Eater, and Kehnley was in love! maybe
TOO in love :)

5 Fav. things about Easter
1. getting something for the people in my life to encourage them towards spiritual growth
2. seeing my daughter all dressed up and swirling as she dances in her dress
3.dieing Easter eggs
4.The Easter service the Friday before Easter (this year is was wednesday) it just always reminds me of God's awesome power and love.
5. Being with all our families all day