Sister & Seahorse

Dear Seahorse,

We don' know anything about you yet except you look like a seahorse, you have a really strong heartbeat, you like to eat chicken salad and Triscuits, you don't like the smell of ANYTHING and you are 9 weeks old right now... Your big sister calls you seahorse because of what you look like in your first picture. I have dreams of holding you all the time. When your daddy heard your heart beat for the first time he almost cried. Fancy and I bought you your first outfit in Fairhope this past week. It's a white jumper with three little buttons and a collar. it's made of a woven knit and it will look amazing on you. I can't wait to see you in it. Something about holding up clothing that small again just made my heart melt. I saw a picture of a mom nursing this baby in one of those useless pamphlets you get at the doctors office, the ones that give you a checklist of things you totally disregard once you become a parent, it all sounds great til you are at home by yourself for a split second and so tired you can't remember if you are still holding the baby or imagining it... 1.Your not going to be the perfect mom 2.Take time to take care of yourself 3. Get as much rest as you can 4.Accept help that others offer 5. Trust you developing parental instincts...anyway, the picture made me smile and then I remembered how awesome and yet how exhausting breast feeding can be. It's totally worth it though, I will do so many things different with you than I did with Kehnley. I didn't savor so many of the moments I had with her, even though the words of all those wiser and seasoned kept ringing in my ear 'it goes so fast' I kept going along as if it was going to be that way forever.

No, this time will be different, well it will have to be because you have a very busy and fun loving sister i have to keep up with... but I am going to be so much more careful of the time I have you in my arms. I can't wait! In the mean time, could you go easy on the nausea... it's getting kind of hard to function! And thanks for letting me keep my morning workouts, I feel most tired at night and can still get moving really early, lets try and keep it that way, okay?
Love you,
keep growing strong in there!


Jennifer-Colley said...

so sweet!

Starzy Lee said...

Keri, Your daughter is getting so big and beautiful. We haven't done much this summer but it's been good. I hope you and your family are doing great and keep in touch!!