My Favorite things...

This video helped SO much learning how to LISTEN to certain cries and what they mean, and this book was amazing at helping me understand sleep cycles and how to make a routine for sleeping.

Soothies: The only pacifier Kehnley would take and I bought EVERY kind!

I never leave home without my cart cover.... but mine dosen't look like this one, it's really cute though!

The dream machine for making homemade baby food! (Williams-Sanoma)

So cute Apron for baby from Anthro

I have to sneak veggies into my baby girls diet anywhere I can!! These are great for traveling

She loves the tart Cherry flavor! But lets be real... this pancake mix saves my life because one of the only things she will eat for breakfast is homemade blueberry pancakes

I love the smell and it really does sooth and drift us BOTH off to sleep, the lotion especially!

Kehnley's fav. book, all of the Karen Katz books she loves!

Her birthday banner made by Whooo Do You Love, coming soon to an Etsy near you!

This book is not only awesome for doodles and creative drawing for my little artist, it's great for fun activities for older kids to have a different one printed out and in your bag for those long waits at a restaurant!

Kehnley loves her gingham chair I got the only black and white one left from Pottery Barn and it doubles as a timeout chair...but she still loves it!

For cold nights and days these are the cutest accessory!!

I can't get enough of these adorably big bowed and flowered beanies! I like making them for friends as shower gifts!!


Mandy said...

Great list! That's good that she loves blueberry pancakes, so far Brandon doesn't like them, which I was surprised! I also love his kid size chair-he just started climbing into himself. Oh and I love her birthday banner! I'm making a fabric one for Brandon. I thought about making some for Etsy but we'll see.

Mandy said...

Oh and I too love the smell of the lavender baby lotion - I use it more then Brandon does!