Bedtime Business!

I just had to post the funniest thing, this week Kehnely has been taking a different item each day during nap time to bed with her...

Monday: the Nemo fish she and Ans won in Kemah

Tuesday: the HUGE ABC book that ended up across her face mid nap

Wednesday: Tigger, Hop, Ruby, Nemo, and Tyrone (all stuffed animals) went to bed

Thursday: A bag of Starburst we bought for Fancy and sippy cup
Friday? Her Strawberry Lipsmakers I bought her to keep her from taking my lipstick....she put it in her pants and wore it around then would whip out the stick and apply five times, her lips were shinny as she slept with it in her hand.
I was hoping to get pics but too afraid to wake the little sleeping beauty... nap times are pretty precious commodities around here. Wouldn't want to cut them short! In other news here is the growing belly.

10 Weeks

Trip to Kemah pics coming soon. Ciao, I am off to my 11 week check up!


The Reeves bunch said...

Girl, it was good to see you at Charlotte's wedding.

Mandy said...

That's cute! I have another friend that has a two year old, and they do they funniest things!

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you that the invitations were a hit!! I loved them along with so many people that complimented on them. They were perfect! Thanks for making them for us!

The Blowey Bunch said...

no problem it was great doing it for you! I am working on my ebsite next month and launching it and i will definitly have those in my protfolio!