This is one of many blogs i visit frequently.  I dont get all my play and teaching ideas together on my own, and this is proof of that.  I need to remember to let mess and noise be a catalyst to learning and fun.  I usually live by that moto, but sometimes I get sucked into the weird world of moms who think that their kitchen needs to be spotless and home a hum of quiet reading with soft classical music playing... i don't even like classical music that much.  Anyway, here is to the moms out there that let their kids get a little mess, and to my Gran who says " you are more precious than this thing or that"  when her kids would mess something up or heaven forbid break something that was once really important to her.  She knew that they were worth far more...

(Dont get me wrong i think i might have cried when Kehnley broke my little bird pepper shaker, but quickly remembered Gran's words and moved on)

Here are our little messes....

girls mess collage

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