Work is hard work!

I was looking for something, not sure what and I noticed that Feb 2009 I posted that I was launching stuff for White Bird Press, well i kind of did...and then the company took a big turn, I got really busy with a few jobs and then my 3 year old, and my work at the school was a lot to handle for me to do it well, then I was blessed to find I was pregnant and prep for that took off... life has a funny way of being what you didnt plan it to be.  But in a good way, in the world of thought where I know that all I have is the Lords and His timing is perfect I'm not embarrassed that WBP isnt fully launched on the web yet or that I have yet to make my new business cards or upload images of my work on my website or finish creating my Etsy page.  I am fully content letting it work out when the time is right.  I had a baby girl only 9 short months ago, withing week 2 she and Kehnley and myself then Bry were sick with the stomach flu and then a month or two later I was in the ER with a baby that shouldn't breath, my sister in law had a baby girl, my best friend had a baby, my husband went on a mission trip for  2 weeks, i traveled, i worked, i started a home school teaching job once a week that i have to plan for twice a week, I realized that my time spent as a mom and encouraging others in my same season of life is what God wants me to do right now and not all the things I scribbled onto sketchbook and my to do list... and I am glad to be okay with that.  "whoo do you love" is a sister company that my mom and I have ideas and prototypes busting out of the seams to get out there to the consumer world, but I dont want to miss the few times Sadie lets me hold her and she just plays with my eye lashes, to be at the canvas, the sewing machine, or the computer.  I am typing this so that days when I feel like a failure, or I am disappointed that I haven't done all I planned in the past year, I realise that what I am doing, actually will mater when I'm gone.  Maybe one day I'll have White Bird be all it was meant to be and more, in the mean time...I am going to say it is what it is, and I will get to all of it when the chance arrives. :)

Ok, off to bed, the girls are actually sleeping these days!  Praise the Lord and thank you for B Complex!  This web stuff might happen sooner with a little more than 4 hrs of sleep! Holler!

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