Manic Monday

All those of you with little ones (or big ones I dont know those days yet but I am amazed at how you survive day to day, probably like myself- By the Grace of God) if Monday's are the hardest days for your entire household then you know what I am about to talk about!  I don't know what it is, I have many hypothesis' I am testing at the moment, as to what in the world causes my children to become totally malfunctioning and emotionally unstable on a Monday!  My two top guesses are that they are adjusting to losing one of the parenting due who's spent the past two days meeting their every need at every moments request in .25 sec and entertaining them with (literally) a song and dance before any tear would be shed over  ie. the dropper for medicine that is now used as a water shooter in the bath tub, OR the fact that they had such a busy weekend usually they got to bed way too late, added strange foods to their usual diet, and saw way too many people besides just each other.... 

All together I say that because usually on a Monday, when all they can handle is a few diaper changes, 3 meals, a on schedule nap and a quiet day with toys all over the house I just spend the weekend cleaning...I ALWAYS have to go to the store for the essentials (which i was humbled and glad to see some were on another moms must have in the house at all time list) 1.milk (reg and coconut) 2. tortillas 3.string cheese 4.cereal (a diff fav each month) 5.bananas 6.paper towels 7.edema (a new request of kehnley's)

I wish our Kroger didnt have the cars attached to the cart that requires a complete antibacterial wipe down, and biceps like Jillian Micheal's to just maneuver through the produce section.  I wish our Kroger DID have small grocery carts like we used to have so K could push her own cart and fill it with all the things i can mouth to the Checker without her seeing "we are getting any of that" as he pretends to put it on the belt but in a basket behind the counter instead, thank you Checker at no.11! 

The art of shopping has to happen in perfect synchronization with the highest caliber of mood on a Monday which happens between the time slot of after morning nap for Sadie and before snack time and silent morning demands of entertain me  by Kehnley- 10-10:45 so luckily I live exactly 4 min from Kroger door to door!

Hope your Monday isnt Manic and if you feel it going that way do what we do: pray, stop, and drop it like its hot!

Disclaimer- when you put your ipod on shuffle there IS a chance you will go from seds fam worship to jenny from the block any minute...

This is the mil dversion of a jam session, the floor really got cut up after i turned the camera off and she saw herself in the dishwasher reflection...there was more bounce for the ounce and shaking what her mamma gave'er!  Ill try and get a shot of that next! :)

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