One of those things I won't forget!

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There is so not even time for me to be writing this right now but I had to post because it's one of those things in life that makes you look back and say wow, we've come so far... wow, we've been blessed, wow, were so small and our lives are so ordinary, yet He cares for even us....

Today I am typing this with a little one in her bed, another "little big" as she calls herself in her bed with her leopard sleep mask, pink ruffle trim, on and Lilly and Frenchy sleeping beside her.  The past 24 hrs have been filled with many emotions as I have been reflecting the past year with Sadie, and also getting ready to celebrate tomorrow is her first birthday!  It's been so much fun, gone so fast, and yet full of moments like the one I am about to describe.  This year we have been under serious attack in the side of health in us and our kids.  When Sadie was born with in weeks our house had a stomach flu and then a month or more later Sadie was in the ER with a viral infection that almost cost her life, her throat was swollen and she was unable to breath.  There is when  my time as a mom took a turn.  Recently a friend from college passed away and every day I think of her, I pray for her little ones and husband who were left here to remember her and lean on Him, and I think of how much favor God has shown us, me especially... that I have another moment in my cute house with my comfy chairs my loving husband and best friend, with my gorgeous and healthy girls...yes we get stomach flu and we get viral infections but we dont have a death or disease we have to live with every day.  How do I possibly express what I feel about the Lord that He spares us so much....

Sat night we put the girls to bed around 8 o'clock as usual and woke at about 11o clock with Kehnley throwing up and then Sadie doing the same.  I remember looking on the monitor and seeing Sadie sitting up, looking sleepy and like she was about to lay back down and then she got sick.  Bry and I went into tag team super mom and dad mode, one holding them, the other cleaning sheets, one holding back hair while Kehnley was sick, the trying to get the baby to drink some water, one getting rid of towels and infected things while the other get sheets back on the bed, one cleaning the restrooms and the other tucking babes in.  Finally all was settled hours later we climb back into bed, and Kehnley starts to get sick again.... and again... and again... every time she drank water...and again.  So I laid with her in her bed, Bry was left to tend to Sadie, who praise the Lord didnt get sick again after that first time.  The morning slowly came and Kehnley acted fine, like "im ready for a smoothie mom!" I talked her down from the smoothie obsession and she settled for toast.  After she ate half she said "i feel itchy"  from then on was the scariest thing I have ever seen... she had a rash that covered her abdomen and her chest and armpit, and around her inner thighs.  She said I feel hot mom, so we gave her some Benadryl and she laid on Bry for a bit and watched Surfs Up (that always makes her feel better)  The rash looked like it was gone, AWESOME i thought... but it had moved, it was now on her neck and back and other side of her chest and upper arms.  This gross rash would continue to move every 30 min to and hour for the rest of that day!  By the night time it was covering her face, she looked like a burn victim and I was grabbing at straws to figure out what this was.  I thought it was Fifth Disease, and all the symptoms really looked like it.  I had family and friends praying for her and oddly enough once i thought I put a name to it (even though nothing had changed about her) I felt better... weird how you think a little bit of answers a little bit of control can be calming when yet nothing was in control at that point.  She got an oat bath and the rash turned to white spots and made her hands and feet swell her eyes began to get so puffy that they could barely open and all the while she was itching and hurting she'd make funny faces at me and be silly here and there (kids have a way of making hard things easier sometimes) although we want to think they can make easy things hard, I am glad she was being silly for me last night!  I was scared.  By the time bedtime was on, we read stories, gave meds, rubbed creams, and prayed prayers... lights out, and she one woke once to ask for more lotion.  The morning came and she was totally cleared!! TOTALLY!  It was all gone!  Sadie did barf on me this morning I just hope that bc she ate too many pickles the night before but Kehnley looked like she never even had this freaky thing on her skin!  So i call the nurse per my mom and Bry's request tell her about the situation and she says there is no way that is fifth's bc it doesnt travel and be gone that fast ( I wanted to tell her woman you dont' know that my aunts and my friends have been praying for this girl and God is bigger than your webMD symptoms list)  but I kept it polite and said well she has no symptoms for me to look at now so I dont know WHAT it was, prob a reaction to the mold in the leaves her and Sadie played in on sat aftrn.  But anyway... 

I say all that because we have been through some crazy stuff this past year... if you don't know, read the other posts about Kehnley's anaphylactic reaction in the grocery store, the passing out at the park over the summer and others!  Yet, I have learned so much about the frailty of life and how blessed I am for each day, that I am much stronger than I thought to be able to handle crisis situations, and prayer certainly is necessary in our daily lives. 
Nahum 1:7 "The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,"

The next step is to get both girls allergy tested and stay well until the weekend, we have a party here Sat and I just want that little thing to enjoy every minute of it! 

Sadie at 11 months:
Sorry I didnt post these sooner sweetie, we've been a little... well... busy :)  Just like you! 
11 new things you are doing now
1. singing you ABC's you dont have the words but you've got the tune down
2. Climbing into your rocking chair and rocking
3. pretending to talk on the phone, you put it to your ear and say "heeeh"  lol i guess that's supposed to be like me?
4. showing off 4 teeth on top when you try to smile big
5. play peek-a-boo with the blanket in your bed or towel in the tub
6. play peek -a-boo with your hands over some one's face
7. hug on mommy and say "ma-ma but pretty sure you don't know that's my name yet :)
8. sleep better!! hallelujah!
9. drink coconut milk, BYE BYE formula!
10. rub your belly ALOT when it's "naked baby time" after dinner before bath, that's also what Kehnley calls "indian girls" time bc you look like indians in your diapers and panties she says
11. read books all by yourself for a long time in your bed or in your room...its sweet to watch your sit and turn the pages over and over.

Tomorrow is your Birthday, a year has gone so fast. I love you so much.

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