Beaver Fever

Not to be confused with "Beiber Fever"  this is a whole different kind of crush!

Bry and I went on our anniversary trip in Dec this year, McKinney falls for a night of camping under the stars...yes it was cold but gorgeous!  Then we stayed at the Lost Pines for a few nights after that, made the shower and comfy bed feel even better after roughing it!  Although my cam went dead after we took these pics, I am still not sure if it was just over use OR over stimulus from the massive size of my Buc-ees cup! 

This was the best gift EVER!  I can use it to consume all my H2O intake in a day or as a flotation device if ever need be, or Bry found good use of it by the campfire when he forgot the lawn chairs....the possibilities are endless OH and did I mention that you get free refills when you take it to a Buc-ees near you...OR all the way out to Bastrop?  Get you some!



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