Valenitine's school here we come

On the way home from MDO today I had a lot of explaining to do about Kehnley's up coming Valentine's party at school on Thursday...

1. I  had to explain how we are we going to make heart shaped samiches
2. Why people wear pink hearts of valentine's day
3. That Kehnley's shirt that says "GAP" with a little heart does NOT say "VAL-WIN-TIMBSSS" as she kept trying to convince me over and over again, adding more SSSS on the TIMBSSS as she exacerbated the word in her case.  I again said "sweetie I will show you when we get home its not Valentine's its GAP...
4. What is GAP?
5. Talked her off the ledge by offering to go get a NEW VAL-WIN-TIMBS shirt from her favorite store (Target) tomorrow.
6. No not to day, tomorrow, you have to take a nap and make valentine's for your class today
7. Listen to her share with eyes clothes that she is not happy about that now, but will be happy about that after she gets some rest in her nap.
8. Who said was going to be (or not be) for valentine's because Kehnley thinks that it's like Halloween and kids are supposed to dress up for every holiday. lol
9. Kehnley then breaks down to me the words to the valentine hokie pokie...I have a feeling we will be dancing this one out with Sadie bug and daddy later.
10. Then she goes into a series of saying "why,why, why, why..." and laughs because she knows it drives mommy a little bonkers :)

Here's my Val-win-timbs loving girl!

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