half way to two

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The all too familiar and dreaded "T" word people want to throw at you when you have an almost 2 yr old..."watch out soon you'll see the T******* Twos".  I sort of refuse to even use that word in my vocab especially when speaking of my darling Sadie.  Does my darling get a little flustered and scream bloody murder when we are at the store and I don't open the Fruity Cheerios fast enough? yes.  Does my darling run to the street while I give her the look of "wide-eyed" seriousness to come back to mommy, start towards her only to get a now faster pace of dissobediance? yes. Does my darling tell me "no-no" and shake her head when she does something the knows she shouldnt but does anyway? yes. Does my darlight push, pull, grab, snatch, yell, call out "myyyy" when she wants something or won't give something up? yes. Does my darling say "out side" 24,137 times a day? yes. Does my darling fight to jump on sissys bed before getting her diaper after a bath, fight to get unlocked in her high chair eating all her meals calling out "up" "up!"? yes.  Does my darling climb ladders when she thinks I'm not looking, pull tissue paper off the roll, wear my shoes around and leave them all over the house, try to use stamps on the winodw like the window colors, lay on her tummy to color and get some on the tile floor, try to ride lilly like a horse, pull my hair, pull Kehnley's hair, cry for her passie all day, dump dry beans all over the floor for "fun", scream in her crib when ive just stepped in the shower? yes.  Does my darling give the best hugs that feel so tight you think you might burst? yes. Does my darling kiss her sissy and lilly? yes.  Does my darling rub her shirt and say "saw-ee" when she i sorry? yes.  Does my darling laugh and smile and dance most of the day? yes. (to songs like the "Wheels on the Bus"  Does my darling smile and say cheeeeesse for even kehnleys little pink camera? yes.  Does my darling pat my neck when we're rocking and I'm singing her to sleep? yes.  Does my darling finally call out "mama" when she sees me or wants me? yes.  Does my darling melt my heart when she says "ammin" and prays with us as a family, when she tries to brush her teeth with me, when she runs to greet daddy, when she hold on to k in the tub and won't let go from giving her "love", when she holds my hand to go somewhere, when she looks at me with those baby blues? yes. 

It's hard to be a little person trying to learn how to say what you want/need/like and feeling like you are big enough to do EVERYTHING, but capable of actually very little... I want to encourage her towards love and good deeds, towards learning the right way to express her little firey self, and to lowering the volume of her voice :)  18 months is a milestone for so many reasons at this age they go from baby to kid and I know with that comes lots of teeth and sleepless nights all over again, but I celebrate these days because it not only makes me a better mom, a more patient person, but also its just the begining of getting to know the already amazing person in that little shell of a baby girl!  I love you sadie, half way to two means we get to crack the code you've been speaking all your life and watch you grow closer to your sissy, all the while loving you more and more.  You're a wonderful, beautiful child of God.   Love you!

18 month collage

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