My BF's getting married

I have had a few friends ask about seeing some of these pics and out takes as well from the Save the date photo shoot Lyndz and Thomas and I had.... these were a few of my favorites!

It's been forever since we took these and it's hard to believe the big day is at the end of this week. it's been surreal to go to all the pre wedding events and get to celebrate these past fast months! I got all emotional thinking about it and talking with a mutual friend about how for the longest time Lyndz was pretty sure shed never meet "the one" and it was like suddenly here she was calling me about this guy who she was hanging out with and who was a great friend and loved spending time with him.  He came to see her for her bday in Dtown and she was still claiming friendship while all the rest of us were secretly passing bets on the couple soon to be :)  Now they are getting married!  I can't imagine a more perfect fit for her. Thomas is funny and kind and easy going (even though he likes to on time.. over rated! lol) and he bleeds RED AND BLACK-duh! Wears boots love to shot and all kinds of music (wait lyndz..is that you?!) he's got so many qualities that make me proud to say he's marrying my BF, but most of all her face when she's with him or talks about him-- its what make me happiest for them.  She really lights up at the thought of him, he makes her happier than I have ever seen her!  She's so beautiful and I love her so much, but I love them together most of all! lets get this Party started!! :)

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